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"TRANSFORMATIONS" is a series of virtual reality videos" created to transport the viewer's psyche into Natures mystical realms of enchanting beauty and serenity "Transformations" open a virtual portal that taps directly into Nature's essence by cinematically blending her diverse beauty into a visual style that transports viewers beyond their normal scope of experiences. This work is truly mesmerizing...check it out!


VR-3Min-TRANSFORMATIONS_WATER...This video integrates Nature and the element of WATER into a mesmerizing visual journey. Invirovr creates VR-content for the purpose of sharing Nature's Beauty, Wonder, and holistic healing attributes. The goal is to produce inspirational VR-Content that lowers stress and anxiety levels while increasing feelings of well-being. Therapeutically speaking, quicker recovery periods for healing physical and emotional imbalances are augmented through simple stress reduction. NATURE is the missing ingredient in most urban dwellers today.
INVIORVR suggests fewer carbs and more Nature. Nature has 0 calories per serving and provides you with beauty, joy, and most of all peace of mind. Take a healthy virtual serving of Nature, 5 minutes twice a day, minimum. Nature-Based VR environments supplied by INVIROVR.COM...



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