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Andrew Friend

Documentary filmmaker Andrew Friend is a multifaceted video/digital cinema creator with a decade of broadcast experience. He is a talented videographer, field & studio lighting technician, and editor with a flair for emotional and inspirational storytelling.

Sony FS-5 camera, Atomos Ninja Blade 4:2:2 ProRes recorder, CinePrimes 14mm, 24mm, 35mm, 85mm, 100mm macro, K7 Slider/Manfrotto head with hyper-lapse option; LED interview-style lighting kit; Live Event Streaming package (up to 3 video sources)

  1. Housesitters "Birthday Death Day Same Day"

    Rough cut of music video for Chicago duo Housesitters
    Director Bret Hamilton
    DP Andrew Friend

  2. Forest Play School (unfinished rough cut)

    Following a successful European example, the Forest Play School was a pilot program for a year-round outdoor preschool. For six years, many children attended the half-day program in a small park district forest on Chicago's north side. It was forced to shut down in 2019 because the park district would not continue sponsoring FPS due to regulatory conflicts.

    Parents and teachers who loved Forest Play School for their children's development are hoping to modify Illinois daycare law to allow provisions for education outside the confines of four walls.

    Forest schools, successfully implemented in Washington state, are becoming popular because of the myriad skills and qualities they instill in children.

  3. "Tempus Retrograde," an Andrew Friend demo

    A collection of some of the massive amount of documentary cinematography I have shot over the past couple years. Much of this was commercial work, with some documentary film excerpts and personal footage.

    Andrew Friend
    Documentary Cinematographer and Director
    Witty Squid Productions

  4. Andrew Friend Interview Demo 2016

    A clip briefly demonstrating Andrew Friend's recent documentary and corporate promotional composition technique and aesthetic.

    Andrew Friend
    Member, ICG Local 600

  5. Witty Squid Landing Page Pre-Roll-ONE, Nov. 2016

    Witty Squid Landing Page Pre-Roll-ONE, Nov. 2016

  6. The Case of the Disappearing Drudge

    This short promo garnered a 2008 Emmy nomination from the National Association of Television Arts & Sciences (Midwest Region) in the category of Individual Excellence in Videography (Non-News).

    A bit of POV film noir promoting an afternoon block of exercise shows for "doughy" drudges.

    Glidecam and lighting by Andrew Friend. Editing & compositing by David Pellenz.