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Howdy Terry, here is an eclectic mix of videos I thought you may enjoy. I edited all of the videos you see below, my favorites are the 135n8 Music Video, the Bring Me Home PSA, and the Resuface commercials (the ones with the monkey). I've been using Final Cut Pro since 2002, I know it backwards forwards. Although my feature work has been mostly on Avid, I cut a feature doc in 2012 entirely on FCP and I usually cut promos and trailers on FCP as well.

Enjoy the videos and feel free to share this page with the director. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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MTV Buzzworthy

LUCAS GRABEEL'S 135n8 Music Video

Lucas Grabeel steps back into the music spotlight with a hot new dance video by director Kelly L. King. This brain-bending visual treat from former High School Musical star Lucas Grabeel was featured on and MTV Buzzworthy. Choreographed by Emmy Award Winners Chucky Klapow and Bonnie Story...

Billboard says " Grabeel has reinvented himself" and MTV Buzzworthy called the video "sexy and HAWT!!!" Going on to say "With its sparse, synth instrumental and smooth vocals, the track brings to mind a dance floor-ready take on Miguel or maybe a little bit of early Justin Timberlake. (BB JT? YES, PLZ.) But the Kelly L. King video, however, plunges Lucas into a never-ending dreamscape and raises more questions than it answers."

Produced by Brent Geisler, Cinematography by Eric Ulbrich, Style by Tiffany Johnston, Production Design by Adam Henderson, Visual Effects by Brad Tobler, more credits coming soon...








ENTER THE DREAM: (Making of the video)

30 SEC TEASER: (In case you don't have 4 mins :-)

If you have a question about the production visit and drop us a line, or visit us on social media on instagram @incfilms and let us know what you think of the vid.