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"When the lost sheep was found, it was taken home with joy, and there was much joy afterwards. This illustrates the blessing and joy that result from working for those who err. The church that is successfully dedicated to this task is a happy church. 2TI 21.3

  1. Topic 4 – Resurrected to Give you life and make you happy

    My dear friend, Christ wants to help you and fill your heart with His love. There is a solution to man’s suffering. Christ has come to rescue us, to give life, and to make you happy.

  2. Topic 3 - The man who wrote His own biography before His Birth

    Through these prophecies, God wanted to prepare the minds of his children to clearly identify the savior of the world. There is no other man that has been written about in so much detail even before his birth. Don't overlook the opportunity to start a new experience with Jesus Christ. It is worthwhile to continue taking the hand of Jesus.

  3. Topic 2-When the Desert Speaks

    As soon as the Israelites left Egypt, they had to face the harsh conditions of the desert; the hard heat during the day and the bitter cold at night. But God did not leave his beloved people alone.This world is not our home, but God wants to take us to the Heavenly Canaan.

  4. Topic 1-The Ten Sparkles of the Most Valuable Diamond

    King Louis XIV of France was very devoted to his collection of precious diamonds and placed them in his royal treasuries. He obtained the prettiest and most valuable diamond in the world... But a greater diamond exists; a diamond that is even more valuable, and that is our Lord Jesus Christ.