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Marie Swift Speaks

Industry influential and thought leader. Tenured trainer and breakout presenter. Keynote speaker. Columnist for numerous industry publications. Founder and CEO of Impact Communications. Marie Swift is available to speak at your company events and conferences, lead workshops, produce content and/or serve as a subject matter expert for your brand.

Popular topics include:
- How to Build a Strong Online Presence
- Conversational Selling Skills
- Branding 101 for Financial Professionals
- Past, Present and Future of the Financial Services Industry
- Digital PR: The Intersection of SEO and Social Media
- The Power of PR in Your Marketing Plan
- Working With the Media (Media Training)
- Improving Personal Communications
- Becoming a Better Public Speaker
- Using Web 2.0 Technologies to Build Rapport and Market Your Business
- Social Media Workshops, Boot Camps, and Interactive Labs
- How to Be “On” When the Camera is On
- Marketing that Works for Advisors Today

For more information, contact: Teresa Law | 800-974-7753 |

  1. Tales from the Trenches: Marketing that Works for Advisors Today with Marie Swift and Charlie Van Derven

    Recorded virtually via Zoomcast on July 26, 2022

    Are you spending enough time and money on your marketing and PR? Chances are you are so busy working with your clients and running the business that crucial marketing activities are not properly prioritized, budgeted for, and executed. But being an entrepreneur means wearing many hats, and if you don’t stay present and relevant with key constituents, your competitors could catch you by surprise.

    In this fun, 1-hour educational session, you will learn what’s working – and what’s not – when it comes to client communications and building business through thick and thin. Marketing maven Marie Swift of Impact Communications shares a framework for marketing success, numerous examples of how other advisors are generating results, and formulas for making everything easier for you to see and do.

    Social media marketing colleague, Charlie Van Derven of Social Advisors, hosts the Zoomcast and weighs in with additional insights.

    Key takeaways:

    • Ways to improve digital communications

    • How to think about marketing as we cast our vision into the future

    • Needle-moving actions you can use to solidify client relationships and gracefully grow

    Through stories and real-life examples, you’ll glean:

    I. Insights from practitioners who are growing in a smart, consistent fashion -- including tips, tactics and metrics

    II. Advice from marketing professional Marie Swift, who has 30 years’ experience working in the trenches with independent financial advisors and allied fintech and financial services institutions

    III. Ideas, tools and resources for Mastering the Conversation, creating a marketing growth plan, and embracing modern marketing methods (including video, podcasts, webinars, social media, blogs, online presence, email marketing, lead magnets, targeting and engagement)

    Bring a notepad and be ready for an interesting and helpful conversation with Marie Swift, President and CEO of Impact Communications, Inc., one of the financial planning profession’s top marketing consultants. PR, social media, digital presence, selling skills, and all forms of marketing and professional communications are her key areas of expertise.

    To learn more about Charlie Van Derven and Social Advisors visit:

    To learn more about Marie Swift and Impact Communications visit:

    [Video 59:57 minutes]

  2. Building Trust and Earning Credibility in a Digital World

    Consumers are more skeptical than ever and unscrupulous “advisors” have tarnished our industry’s reputation. As a result, earning trust is one of the foremost priorities of advisor marketing. But how can trust be earned when you aren’t meeting face to face?

    Led by financial services marketing expert Marie Swift of Impact Communications, these panelists (Abby Salameh, Peter Lazeroff, Stephanie Sager, and Tina Powell) -- all trusted experts in their own right -- have helped advisors build trust with better marketing and PR.

    Learn how they’ve done it by watching this video, recorded live at the Jolt! Marketing Conference, March 2022, Las Vegas.

    [Video 28:13 minutes]


    V2 - Alyssa Phillips Swift Chat - Has photos added.

  4. Shannon Rosic of Informa talks to Marie Swift - SwiftCam at the 2022 MarketCounsel Summit

    Shannon Rosic talks to Marie Swift at the 2022 MarketCounsel Summit in Las Vegas December 5-8, 2022.

    They talk about how authenticity is the most important key to today's marketing success.



    V1 - George Kinder Swift Chat

  6. Dimensional Fund Advisors - Advisor Media Summit presentation featuring Marie Swift of Impact Communications

    At the recent Dimensional Advisor Media Summit in Santa Monica, Marie Swift of Impact Communications spoke to a select group of advisors on Marketing & PR: Tales from the Trenches.