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Marie Swift Speaks

Industry influential and thought leader. Tenured trainer and breakout presenter. Keynote speaker. Columnist for numerous industry publications. Founder and CEO of Impact Communications. Marie Swift is available to speak at your company events, lead workshops, produce content and/or serve as a subject matter expert for your brand. Popular topics include:

- How to Build a Strong Online Presence
- Conversational Selling Skills
- Branding 101 for Financial Professionals
- Past, Present and Future of the Financial Services Industry
- Digital PR: The Intersection of SEO and Social Media
- The Power of PR in Your Marketing Plan
- Working With the Media (Media Training)
- Improving Personal Communications
- Becoming a Better Public Speaker
- Using Web 2.0 Technologies to Build Rapport and Market Your Business
- Social Media Workshops, Boot Camps and Interactive Labs
- How to Be “On” When the Camera is On
- Marketing that Works for Advisors Today

For more information, contact: Teresa Law | 800-974-7753 |

  1. Collaborative Selling and Communications Skills

    In this Financial Technology Spotlight, marketing expert Marie Swift, and digital communications expert Blane Warrene, discuss collaborative selling and communication skills and why they are essential to your ongoing business success.

    This session provides tips and insights from Marie's 28 years working as a publicist and marketing consultant to some of the industry greats, including Susan Bradley, George Kinder, Sheryl Garrett, Ron Carson, Brett Ellen and Hanson McClain.

    Insights from this 45-minute session include:

    - How to connect and create instant rapport
    - Engaging phrases that pull people in
    - A formula for getting people to say "yes"

    Download now and share this webcast recording now!

  2. Dimensional Fund Advisors - Advisor Media Summit presentation featuring Marie Swift of Impact Communications

    At the recent Dimensional Advisor Media Summit in Santa Monica, Marie Swift of Impact Communications spoke to a select group of advisors on Marketing & PR: Tales from the Trenches.

  3. Voice and Authenticity as a Financial Professional Online

    Marie Swift of Impact Communications shares ideas and advice for achieving the right balance between being colorful and interesting online and being TOO colorful and potentially off-putting online. Stale, boring content and personification will not attract attention online but go too far trying to be funny or opinionated and you might lose respect from people you'd rather engage and impress.

    Watch this 20:07 minute video, recorded live at the Morningstar Investment Conference in Chicago June 2018 and learn from Marie.

    Visit and to learn more about voice and authenticity in the digital world.

  4. Swift Chat with Roger Pine and Kevin Lozer of Holistiplan

    On April 8, 2020, Marie Swift of Impact Communications, spoke with Kevin Lozer and Roger Pine, co-founders of Holistiplan about their tax planning software and how it helps holistic financial advisors uncover planning opportunities for their clients. Providing insights on tax strategies could be especially helpful for financial planners right now.

    You can learn more about Holistiplan at:

    Also, be sure to register for the upcoming webinar happening April 28, 2020 at 3pm ET:

    [Video 28:00 minutes]

  5. Creating a Brand in the Digital Age

    Marie Swift of Impact Communications and one of her firm's PR clients, Josh Nelson, an advisor based in Loveland, Colorado (and the Peak "best practices" award winner at the prior Peak conference in April), talk with Investment News while at the Peak Excell Meeting, November 2015.

  6. Bob Veres On ... The Pre-Engagement Engagement

    While at the T3 Advisor conference, February 2016, Bob Veres of Inside Information / Insider's Forum talked with Marie Swift of Impact Communications about technology for financial advisors and something he calls "the pre-engagement engagement."