Piotr Skowronski: Short Film Collection

A collection of short films from Director Piotr Skowronski.

Produced in Thunder Bay, Ontario, the collection includes:

Free Press - 10 Min - Drama 2008
Undertow - 30 Min - Drama 2008
Love & Hate - 20 Min - Drama 2012

All films are available for rent below via Vimeo video-on-demand.

By purchasing or renting these films, you will be helping us release our debut feature-length drama titled 'These Lovers'. A festival run is slated for early 2015 and all proceeds from this page will go directly towards festival submission fees. We appreciate your support and hope you enjoy the films.

Love & Hate

Making films is what drives us and when the creative team at Imaginarium Studio and its network of video production professionals set out to embark on this passion project, everyone was eager to pitch in and contribute in making this film a reality. I started work on the screenplay a few years ago and by the time I was finished, the story had been completely reshaped. The only conceptual element that remained the same was the location, an old train station. In my mind this story always had to play out on the dusty platform of a desolate station. Then came the opposing conditions of two extremes and suddenly the film had direction and it was up to the characters to choose between love and hate.

Upon sharing the script with my key collaborators I was thrilled to sense their enthusiasm for the project. I was also relieved because making films is not a one-man show and requires the help of many talented and skillful artists and technicians. I knew very quickly that I was collaborating with the best team of filmmakers that Northwestern Ontario has to offer. This made for an amazing creative experience where everyone was pulling together to create something beautiful. After all the planning and preparation we had only three days to shoot the entire film and despite threatening weather forecasts and nearby lighting strikes, one frigid night shoot and some serious lack of sleep, we managed to get it in the can.

Over the next six months, the film was carefully assembled through the various stages of post-production until finally in December the picture was locked. It was now in the trusty hands of Renner VFX to complete the special effect and Dining Room Studios to design, record and mix the entire soundscape form scratch. As all of the elements fell into place, our passion project became a reality and the efforts of so many could be appreciated when watching the film.

Piotr Skowronski

Film Website: loveandhate.ca

Produced By: Imaginarium Studio
Imaginarium Website: imaginariumvideo.com

3D Animation / VFX: RennerVFX
RennerVFX Website: rennervfx.com

Sound Design: Dining Room Studios
Dining Room Studios Website: diningroomstudios.com

Music: Olenka and the Autumn Lovers
Olenka's Website: olenkalovers.com

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