Piotr Skowronski: Short Film Collection

A collection of short films from Director Piotr Skowronski.

Produced in Thunder Bay, Ontario, the collection includes:

Free Press - 10 Min - Drama 2008
Undertow - 30 Min - Drama 2008
Love & Hate - 20 Min - Drama 2012

All films are available for rent below via Vimeo video-on-demand.

By purchasing or renting these films, you will be helping us release our debut feature-length drama titled 'These Lovers'. A festival run is slated for early 2015 and all proceeds from this page will go directly towards festival submission fees. We appreciate your support and hope you enjoy the films.

Garsc Ziemi (Handful of Soil) English Subtitles

Coping with the death of his father, a young Polish immigrant sets out to retrace his family’s past and discover how the fight for freedom in Poland would changed their lives forever.

A short film by Piotr Skowronski
Staring: Levan Sonego, Sebastian Naskrent, Ewa Placzynska, Pamela Kuzminski

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