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  1. Important Looking Pirates showreel Q4 2012

  2. Kon-Tiki Making of

    In the summer 2011 ILP was awarded a massive sequence for the upcoming Norwegian feature film "Kon-Tiki" directed by Joachim Roenning and Espen Sandberg. The film is about the legendary explorer Thor Heyerdal's epic journey crossing the Pacific on a balsa wood raft in 1947.

    Our sequence takes place during a major emotional peak of the movie, as the crew struggles with internal conflicts while facing a critical situation involving white sharks.

    ILP delivered 58 shots in total, with plenty of hero shots and some extremely complex fully computer generated scenes.

    This is a VFX breakdown giving you a closer look at some of shots we made.


  3. NAIAD "Siggraph Demo 2010"

    ILP is excited to present this years simulation test for Exotic Matter's NUGGET (Naiad User Group and Get Together) at SIGGRAPH 2010.

    ILP has been testing and using Naiad since the pre-alpha days and was the first facility to complete several TV commercials using Naiad as the sole fluid simulation tool. This is the second year we are doing simulations tests for Exotic Matter. It has been an exciting experience and we are really impressed by the potency of Naiad.

    We did a test of rolling waves in 2009, a phenomenon that up until now has been considered exceptionally hard to simulate. The test caught a lot of attention, and many of the big studios got interested in Naiad. You can see an interview with Exotic Matter over at fxguide TV.

    Naiad has evolved a lot since last year so we were very happy to do an updated test for this years Nugget at SIGGRAPH.

    The simulation features approximately 18 million particles in the main simulation, and we have an additional 20 million "splash/spray/foam" particles on top of that. We could easily have simulated more particles since Naiad is a very fast solver, but we had tight time constraints to take the data through the rest of the pipeline, render and comp it all in order to finish our test for SIGGRAPH. The boat is a rigid-body simulation that fully interacts with the ocean, we meshed the main simulation and rendered the splash and foam as particles using Renderman.

    Read more about Naiad at:

  4. Look development reel Nov 2011.

    Look development reel Nov 2011.

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