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Assessment Analysis for Standards-Aligned Instruction [Boston Public Schools District Spotlight]

A high-quality comprehensive assessment system helps teachers drive instructional decisions and develop a deep understanding of student strengths, needs, and learning misconceptions. But many districts struggle to find practical approaches to unpacking their assessments, understanding results, and connecting the data to next steps in classroom instruction.

Join us for a highly interactive district spotlight webinar to learn how Boston Public Schools leverages their comprehensive assessment system and effective assessment-to-instruction practices to fuel high-impact data analysis, deepen professional learning, and promote grade-level standards proficiency across the district.

In this session, you will:
+ Learn about BPS’ effective framework for analyzing assessments to inform instruction
+ Walk through an interactive pre-assessment and post-assessment analysis protocol
+ Discover how to unpack standards, pinpoint misconceptions, and connect findings to instruction
+ Explore how BPS uses Illuminate Data and Assessment (DnA) to complete their comprehensive assessment system, turn data into information, and increase student outcomes