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Here you will find an archive of the talks that took place over the summer of 2010. This gathering of talented young architects, designers, artists, journalists, filmmakers, writers, and entrepreneurs was a response to the various challenges that Greece had been facing throughout the year.

In the land with a rich heritage of myths and legends, this unique group explored this year’s the topic:

The power of storytelling in the 21st century:
How has technology empowered and disempowered us from being able to create our own narrative.

You may view the talks and download the presentations.

Σymposium 2010 - Teaser

The ΣYMPOSIUM was formed as a response to the various challenges that Greece has been facing over the past few years. Its purpose is to bring bright fresh minds together in order to exchange ideas and cross pollinate them across disciplines. This year's subject was "Storytelling in the 21st century: Has technology empowered us from controlling our own narrative about life".