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Time Lapse and Stop Motion

My passion for telling the stories that still photography can't relate led me into the world of time lapse and stop motion photography. With this astounding medium, hours can be condensed into minutes, and impossible transitions can effortlessly be recorded, where simple 'before and after' images can't hold a candle to a time lapse sequence of a construction or event. Borrowing on my background in art, I believe that time lapse sequences need not be merely industrial, but beautiful, eye-opening windows on slices of life and history that the human eye cannot hope to capture. Using innovative motion control techniques combined with lovingly applied post production, these techniques can together form historical documents, new media collateral for websites, or fun pieces just for the sake of it.

Solar Eclipse Time Lapse. Australia 2012

A time lapse piece showcasing one of natures greatest spectacles - a total eclipse of the sun. Lasting two hours from start to finish, the Northern Queensland coast was plunged into semi-darkness just after sunrise on November 14, 2012 when the moon passed in front of the sun. Totality lasted for two full minutes, with the morning clouds parting just long enough for those at Palm Cove to witness the entire event. We used multiple cameras, with multiple and varying techniques, including a solar tracking device to keep the sun relatively steady for the moment of totality. Thanks to Big Planet Media and Tourism Queensland.



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