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The Tin Ring

The Tin Ring tells the story of a remarkable young woman who went through the hell that was the Holocaust but found her salvation in the love of her boyfriend Arno who gave her a tin ring.

A Holocaust survivor’s memoir, adapted for the stage, makes its world premiere at The Lowry.

At ninety years old, Zdenka Fantlová is one of a handful of living eye-witnesses to the atrocities of the Holocaust, to which she lost her entire family. Today, she is determined to tell her inspiring story of great love, one as uplifting as it is harrowing, to as many people as possible.

Mike Alfreds (Shared Experience and Method and Madness) co-adapted and directs this stage version of The Tin Ring. The story is brought to life by co-adapter Jane Arnfield (Jane played the lead role in Cymbeline, Shakespeare’s Globe, London, New York, opposite Mark Rylance) in an extraordinary solo performance.

Zdenka says:

“My story is universal: it is about the power of love, which combined with hope, enables us to achieve almost a miracle. I hope it will inspire all who see the performance”.

  1. The Tin Ring - Press Event

  2. Tin Ring - Calmness is Strength

  3. Tin Ring - Lucky Star

  4. Tin Ring - Survival Kit

  5. Zdenka Interview - Returning

  6. Zdenka Interview - Higher Power

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