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Alcon Talking Heads

In this portfolio, you will find some examples of interview I have completed over the years

  1. Alcon Associate Workshop - Part 1

    In 2017 I oversaw the production and post-production of a 2 part video series, with the Alcon Executive Leadership Team, that was used to empower associates during an on-boarding meeting. Overall these 2 videos had their difficulties. From the production end, scheduling time with each ELT member was challenging and aligning with dates that worked for us to go on-location and film was very difficult. We opted to film a number of their interviews in our studio on a chroma-key background. Thus, the post-production on this project was rather tough for us to complete, given that we had to key out a number of backgrounds.

  2. Alcon Associate Workshop - Part 2

    This is the 2nd in the set of 2 videos we put together with the Alcon ELT Team. Aside, from the aforementioned challenges we also had an accelerated deadline for this project. We were given about 2-3 weeks to conduct all of the production shoots. From the post-production side, we had roughly 2 weeks to complete these 2 videos.

  3. Mission trip - David Coate

    This was a video I edited for the Corporate Communications team for a Mission Trip that David took to Fiji.

  4. Jennie Garth - The Eye Solution

    In 2014 we filmed a special Kids Vision For Life video with Jennie Garth in Fort Worth, Texas. I oversaw the production and post-production needs of this project. For the narrative shoots with Jennie, we opted to film her in our studio on a chroma-key rather than on-location due to timing constraints.

  5. Alcon TV - Q4 2014

    In 2014 and 2015 we produced a quarterly broadcast with Alcon CEO, Jeff George. Each broadcast had a 2-week turn-around and I oversaw the planning, filming and all of the post-production needs. From a post-production standpoint, one of the biggest challenges was the fast turn-around needed to deliver this video in a timely fashion. Prior to filming, I had prepped the name-keys, b-roll, map animations, and beginning / end credits so that I could quickly lay them into the final video during post. This video series later went on to win 3 Telly Awards and a Creativity Award.

  6. Sizzle

    This was a brief sizzle video that I shot and edited with the internal Creative Services team at Alcon.