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St. Matthew's Episcopal Church

No matter where you are on your Spiritual journey, you are welcome HERE!
Our mission is to be a caring and inclusive community, centered in the Eucharist and grounded in the Gospel
~~~ so that we can reach out as Christ’s hands in the world.

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  1. Conversions Part One

  2. Rev. Lucinda Laird's Final Service

    Rev. Lucinda Laird's last 10 AM service at St. Matthews Episcopal Church. She will be taking up her duties as Dean of the American Cathedral in Paris this spring.

  3. Celebration of Lucinda Laird

    St. Matthew's Episcopal Church celebrate the gifts of their Rev Lucinda Laird

  4. Nora Gallagher's Sermon Oct 14th 2012

    Author Nora Gallagher's sermon at St. Matthew's Episcopal Church. Oct 14th 2012

  5. The King James Bible Lecture #1

    An introduction to the history of the King James Bible.
    Part One of a three part lecture series given my Dr. John Muldar
    Sunday March11th 2012

  6. Rongo Tour