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St. Matthew's Episcopal Church

No matter where you are on your Spiritual journey, you are welcome HERE!
Our mission is to be a caring and inclusive community, centered in the Eucharist and grounded in the Gospel
~~~ so that we can reach out as Christ’s hands in the world.

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  1. Sharing Our Story - Part 3 Church of the 21st Century

    The final "Sharing our Story" video takes the church's history to the present day. This video explains the church's mission and many forms of outreach as the congregation moves into the future under the leadership of the Rev. Kelly Kirby.

  2. Sharing Our Story - Part 2 The Growing Years

    Part Two "Sharing our Story"covers the founding of the modern iteration of St. Matthew's Episcopal Church in 1948, the construction of the first sanctuary and our various expansions, all the way through the arrival of Rev. Lucinda Baird in 2000.  (produced as part of 2020 our visioning project)

  3. Sharing Our Story - Part 1 The Early Church

    To decide where you're going, you need to know where you've been. The "Sharing our Story" series was produced as part of the St. Matthew's Episcopal Church vision project in the fall of 2020. Part One - covers the founding of the "first" St. Matthew's Episcopal in the 1800s - the church from which the city drew its name.

  4. Dr. Catherine Fosl - Anne Braden

    Dr. Fosl is founding director of the Anne Braden Institute for Social Justice Research in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Louisville, where she is also a professor of Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies. A historian by training, Fosl is the author of three books, including an award-winning oral history based biography of Anne Braden entitled Subversive Southerner: Anne Braden and the Struggle for Racial Justice in the Cold War South.

  5. Mary Eschels Memorial

  6. Dimensions of Faith Public Lecture - Reparations

    The Very Rev.Ian Markham's accounting of how the Virginia Theological Seminary came to the Christian understanding of Reparations.

    About Dean Ian S. Markham. Markham is dean and president of Virginia Theological Seminary. He has held positions at institutions of higher learning in both the United States and the United Kingdom. His latest book, “Community Rules,” takes the approach of Michael Pollan’s “Food Rules” and seeks to distill the basics of “good church” into a set of memorable rules, identifying the basic Christian principles that underpin Episcopal community and apply them to actions and relationships. Markham serves as priest associate at St. Paul’s Church in Alexandria, Virginia, and is married to Lesley Markham; they have one son, Luke.