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Sowers of Justice Network

Our Work:
Networking – supporting the ongoing work of our network members around the city by connecting members to each other
Organizing – inviting individuals, churches, and faith related groups to join and support Sowers
Education – educating through statements, speakers, articles, special events, and workshops
Advocacy and Direct Action – engaging in nonviolent actions that promote social justice
Building Community – gathering as a community that nourishes and encourages each other in the work
Spiritual Practice –connecting our faith experience and spiritual practice to the work of peace and justice

Third Thursday Lunch - Black Collectives

Featuring U of L professor and Louisville Association for Community Economics (LACE) board member Dr. Lisa Markowitz, LACE Board Chair Cassia Herron, and ASALH President Barbara Boyd for a discussion of Collective Courage and the history of black collectives and how cooperatives can offer new solutions for West Louisville.
We will explore the history of black resilience in the face of oppression and the opportunities to reclaim this legacy of cooperative enterprise in Louisville, Kentucky