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EP Video Network (EPvn) is the Heart Rhythm Society's multimedia video library. EPvn includes interviews with internationally-known EP experts discussing recent clinical trials, new technologies and trends important to the field.

  1. EP on EP Episode 3

    Dr. Eric Prystowsky's second interview with Dr. Douglas Packer about the CABANA trials results that were released at Heart Rhythm 2018 Scientific Sessions. May 9-12 , 2018, Boston MA

  2. EP on EP Episode 4

    Dr. Eric Prystowsky's discusses the upcoming year with Heart Rhythm Society's new president Tom Deering.

  3. Expert Perspective: Robert Schaller, DO Discusses Percutaneous Snaring

    HRS Member Robert Schaller, DO discusses his approach to percutaneous snaring including various indications and techniques.

  4. EP on EP Episode 10

    Eric N. Prystowsky, MD sits down to chat with David Slotwiner, MD, to discuss a Shared Decision Making.

  5. Cardiac Electrophysiology IT: Systems Integration & Interoperability for Workflow Enhancement

  6. Anne M. Gillis, MD, FHRS

    Nora Goldschlager, MD, FHRS interviews Anne M. Gillis, MD, FHRS, president of the Heart Rhythm Society at the Annual Scientific Sessions Conference Heart Rhythm 2012.