The experienced entrepreneur knows that true financial leverage is passive income.

Do you want to more fully monetize your followers? Hi, we’re The eDirector, specialists in creating digital learning courses that bring value to the fans of Social Media Influencers.

We offer a complete video production and marketing solution that develops your course ideas, structures them into an eLearning series of compelling videos starring YOU, and we then help you to market this program to your followers so that you can earn money from your genius.

With our combined experience in commercial video production, and education sectors, we are fully committed to the eLearning sector - and to our specific signature system we call "Curated Education".

The efficient creative collaboration that we will engage in together will be a combination of curriculum coaching, talent direction, post-production collaboration, and online video marketing strategies.

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The following videos are the suite of promotional videos we created for Kismet House's THE EVERY HOME DESIGN GUIDE. Follow this link to the landing page of this course and view the first Lesson for free: