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  1. Outside Apps

    Here are some great ideas for iPad and tablet apps you may want to use outdoors or in conjunction with your sensory garden.

  2. Sensory Gardens

    This movie will give you an overview about our thoughts on sensory gardens. It will help you understand why we need sensory gardens and what kind of sensory gardens already exist.

  3. Small Sensory Spaces

    Multisensory spaces don't have to be big. Lilly Nielsen originally designed the little house over 30 years ago and her work is still very valid. However the tools of views have changed umbrellas and event tents are fantastic for creating instant sensory spaces.

  4. Wowee Speaker

    This little speaker is absolutely fantastic for creating vibration on resonance boards, boxes, windows, cupboards in fact just about anywhere. And out under £30 it's a really cheap vibration speaker.

  5. Sound to light coaster and bar : 8 minutes

  6. Glow balls : 6 minutes