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St Thomas' Church,

St Thomas' Church is a diverse group of people that are committed to 'knowing Jesus better and making Jesus better known'. We hope that as you explore the site you will get a sense of our commitment to Jesus, the Bible, and community.

  1. Catch Up with Jono May 15th

  2. Catch Up with Jono .m4v

  3. St Thomas' Church on 2022-02-27 at

  4. Sermons Luke 9 Luke 9. 28-36 with Bruce White.m4v

  5. DEEPER Sermons DEEPER Galatians - Our Freedom in God Session 16 Chapter 66-10 “Do-Gooders”! with our BPP

  6. DEEPER Sermons Galatians - Our Freedom in God Session 15 Chapter 61-5 Bearing and Sharing”! with our previous Area Dean Rev Pe