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FieldTrace is a secure web-based Crop Management System that is also designed to be an integral part of Hensall Co-op’s Quality Assurance System. Since today’s marketplace demands the utmost in food safety and traceability, it is critical to have an efficient method of recording the steps taken to ensure that a safe and high-quality product is being provided. FieldTrace is a program designed to make the job easier and more efficient.

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FieldTrace® - Editing Geometry

Here is a video of the process. There is currently no narration in the video.

From the Map View:
1. Select the field or crop that you want to work with from the map or field list.
2. Select the Geometry icon from the Edit options.
3. Select the parcel that you want to edit by clicking on it or selecting the pencil icon that is associated with it.
a. You can select a node by clicking on it and move as needed.
b. You can add a node to a line by clicking on the line while it is highlighted in orange (when you mouse over it).
c. You can delete nodes by selecting them and selecting the undo box that appears.
d. Select the checkbox associated with the current parcel to save it.
4. Repeat the process from step 3 for any additional parcels that you want to edit.
5. Select the Done option from the task bar to complete the process.

From the Data View:
1. Select the Field/Crops main tab.
a. Select the Fields or Crops sub-tab and highlight the field that you want (single mouse click).
b. Select the ellipsis “…” in the Actions column of the row that you highlighted.
c. Select Geometry from the Edit options in the dialog that is presented.
d. Carry on from step 3 in the map view notes above.

Fields that have been saved without geometry have red map marker with a “?” in the field list of the map view. You can add geometry to these fields or crops by using the geometry edit function.
1. Select the field or crop from the list.
2. Select Geometry from the Edit options.
3. Continue the process from step 3 above to add geometry.