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FieldTrace is a secure web-based Crop Management System that is also designed to be an integral part of Hensall Co-op’s Quality Assurance System. Since today’s marketplace demands the utmost in food safety and traceability, it is critical to have an efficient method of recording the steps taken to ensure that a safe and high-quality product is being provided. FieldTrace is a program designed to make the job easier and more efficient.

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FieldTrace® - Adding Entrances

Entrances provide clarification to scouts, operators and delivery drivers that are going to customers’ fields. And it could be an indication of the proper entrance to use at the customer’s request. Either way, it is helpful to map their locations.

1. When you’re in the map view, highlight the field that you want to link an entrance to.

2. Then select the Entrance icon from the Add section below the field list. This process has 2 paths that you can take. We’ll use the option to add a new entrance.

3. In this screen, select the method that you want to use from the dialog
a. The 1st allows you to create a new entrance… we’ll use that one.
b. The 2nd allows you to use one that you created earlier… I’ll mention that again later.
4. Next select the “Enter Entrance Information” option
a. Enter the entrance name in this screen. Using or including the same name as the field name makes sense since it is related to a specific field.
b. Add the 911 address and any note that you want to add.

5. Then use the Add Geometry function to mark the entrance location and drop a point on the map.

6. Select Save from the action bar at the bottom of the screen to finish marking the location and then select Save in the main dialog to complete the process.

7. You can add multiple entrances to a field so repeat the process if there is another entrance or a bridge that you want to display on the map.

To use an entrance that was created earlier, use the second option mentioned previously and select the entrance from the dropdown list. This feature is handy when entrances are shared between two fields.

Just a note… You can also mark entrances for crop input and grain storage locations using the same workflow. Just make sure that you have the Account Name highlighted at the top of the list panel when you begin the process.