Featured Video Produced by Helen Jonsen

Helen Jonsen has been an executive producer for Forbes, Howdini and Wallapix Video Etc. She has interviewed and profiled some of the world's bold-faced names, told the stories of companies, launched products and informed the public. Here is a sample of videos in different styles to meet different needs.

Voice Over

Inexpensive-to-produce quality informational video that hits two sought-after categories: pets and seasons or celebrations.
Created for a "CeIebrations" series for syndication and distribution across the web via howdini video network and howdini.com. No shooting, only writing and production for this video. Featured on the homepage of Hulu trending and seasonal video.

Concept & creation: Helen Jonsen, howdini editor-in-chief Produced for Howdini video network.

Howdini Jonsen Winter Pets 1920x1080