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HiMSS 2016

LIVE from HiMSS 2016 Health Innovation Media streamed audio interviews daily from 11AM - 1PM. These are the video versions of those interviews. For complete schedule, see:

Audio interviews posted at 'This Week in Health Innovation' via

  1. LIVE from @HiMSS 2016 | Meet @jayparkinson @sherpaahealth via @boltyboy @health2con

  2. LIVE from @HiMSS 2016: Meet Brenda Schmidt, CEO Solera Health @solerahealth

  3. LIVE from @HiMSS 2016: Meet Karissa Price PhD @karissaprice1

    Fred Goldstein @fsgoldstein sits with the Chief Marketing Officer of at @HiMSS 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
    Produced by Gregg A. Masters, MPH @2healthguru for

  4. LIVE From @HiMSS 2016: Meet Arien Malec @amalec @relayhealth

  5. LIVE from @HiMSS 2016 | Meet Matt Holt @boltyboy Co-chair @Health2con

  6. LIVE from @HiMSS 2016 | Meet @ChrissEdwards CMO @Validic

    LIVE from @HiMSS 2016 | Meet @ChrissEdwards Chief Marketng Officer @Validic

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