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Douglas Goldstein @eFuturist

  1. Jaywalking with @eFuturist at mHealth Summit 2015

  2. ATA 2016: Meet Randall Moore, MD, MBA

    ATA 2016: Meet Randall Moore, MD MBA, President, Mercy Virtual, @FollowMercy
    Health Innovation Media co-located in the Care Innovations ( booth to broadcast the LIVE From ATA 2016 series featuring top telehealth and telemedicine industry vendors, thought leaders and entrepreneurs. The complete interview schedule is available: via

    Filmed and produced by Gregg A. Masters, MPH, @2healthguru founder Health Innovation Media (

  3. LIVE from @HiMSS 2016: Meet Daniel Kraft MD @daniel_kraft

  4. LIVE from @HIMSS 2016: Meet John Mattison MD @johnemattison

  5. LIVE from #HiMSS16 | Meet Terrie Masters @amTerrie

    Patient advocate, cancer survivor, integrative medicine evangelist, member #TheWalkingGallery and all around best mom weighs in at HiMSS adjacent to EPIC booth. She had a message to deliver to EPIC executives regarding MyChart user experience at UC San Diego Health System but could not get their attention.

  6. HealthOvate Boston: Meet Keerthi Kanubaddi, MBA



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