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UIC - Can Crush

Can Crush Transcript:

00:08 For this experiment, we are going to be taking water and converting it to steam so that we can show one of the gas laws. In this case, the Gay-Lussac’s Law. We are going to have a can, filled with a little bit of water, but what we are doing with that water is heating it up so that it turns into steam and we want to fill the entire can with steam. So, I’ve been boiling water for a little bit now and I’ve added about 5 milliliters to the can and you can see we’ve got steam coming out. So, now I know the can is filled with steam.

00:35 What I’m going to do is drastically change the temperature by inverting the can into this bath of ice water. That is going to keep the volume the same, but change the temperature. So, we should see what happens here.

00:53 As you can see, we got a really good crush. The pressure decreased in the can, causing it to collapse and in fact a bunch of water also got sucked inside the can.