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The Vic Dibitetto Channel - Promo 1

The Vic Dibitetto Channel is available right now on bonkotv.com.It's also available on Google/Android TV and all Android based phones, tablets, TVs, gaming consoles. You can subscribe and watch from any of them, so if you buy your subscription on the web, you can still gain access through your phone or tablet or Nexus Player to view your content.
In Q1 of 2016 it will be expanding buying and viewing access to Amazon Fire TV, Roku and Apple TV.
Month after month, Vic will bring you the best original entertainment, specially selected just for you. Please select a plan and start watching the funniest show anywhere, The Vic Dibitetto Show, with Marion Grodin.
Pick a subscription today and get ready for Vic's inaugural show on October 12, 2015. Cancel anytime.