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The Victory Hour ( is produced by Words of Victory Ministries ( a ministry of Grove Avenue Baptist Church (

  1. God's Activity - Endurance | Feb 14, 2021

    Join us as Pastor Ben Gutierrez shares the next part of the current series Center of God's Activity with a sermon on Endurance. (2021-02-14)

  2. God's Activity - Courage | | Feb 7, 2021

    As we continue our current series to be in the Center of God's Activity, we focus on the Courage Needed to speak the Gospel to others.(2021-02-07)

  3. God's Activity - Evangelism | Jan 31, 2021

    To stay at the Center of God's Activity one topic will bring us there and keep us there, and that is sharing the Gospel through Persistent Evangelism. (2021-01-31)

  4. God's Activity - Trust (Required) | Jan 24, 2021

    To be at the Center of God's Activity some characteristics will be required, this week we look at trusting God in our daily walk.(2021-01-24)

  5. God's Activity - Flexibility | Jan 17, 2021

    To be at the Center of God's Activity we need to be flexible, to be able to go where God's directs us to go.(2021-01-17)

  6. God's Activity - Vision | Jan 10, 2021

    Vision Sunday at Grove Avenue, for 2021 we will do whatever it takes to be in the "Center of God's Activity", and to let God set our agenda. (2021-01-10)