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The Victory Hour ( is produced by Words of Victory Ministries ( a ministry of Grove Avenue Baptist Church (

  1. God's Way Is The Best Way

    Today is a message that is explicable to every believe in the lord Jesus Christ, but we especially direct the message to the kids in the youth and in college. These truths are something we have learned a long time ago in our Christian walk.

  2. Grateful for the Giver

    Today in this service we are remembering the blessing of God, but we also are remembering to be grateful for the Giver Himself.

  3. How to Have Peace With God

    Today we have a special Sunday as we get to praise the Lord, thank Him for all His blessing, and thank Him for the privilege of living is such a great country.

  4. God Is So Good

    Today is a Sunday full of praise and glory to the Lord. Join us in this celebration of the Goodness of God.

  5. Follow Me..As I Follow Christ

    Follow me.. As I follow Christ, a message for Fathers on Father's Day. All ministers are expected to be an example to the church body, as fathers you are to be the same for your family.

  6. Lord, I Need You

    We need to be listening and responding to the people all around us crying out for Jesus. Mark 10 will be our base text.