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The Victory Hour is produced by Words of Victory Ministries a ministry of Grove Avenue Baptist Church (

  1. PAUL’S STORY…In Three Circles

    We walked through the three circles as a congregation. It’s a helpful tool to convey the story of scripture, and to see where we fit in the story. Sometimes, it helps to see where we fit by looking at where others fit. That’s why will look and apostle Paul’s story in Philippians 2-3. His story connect with more of us than we realize.


    Jesus’ resurrection is what we truly celebrate. Without it, all hope of knowing God’s exists, what He’s like, and knowing Him personally, now and forever…is lost. But with Jesus resurrection secures hope that we can know these things.

  3. The Victory Hour

    The Live worship service at Grove Church in Richmond Virginia.


    The beauty of such a clear picture of the biblical story is it helps us take an immediate inventory. We ask others and ourselves, “Where are you?, What do you do with where you are?, Do you want to talk with someone?

  5. Having Gospel Conversations... Again

    This message is tied to a church-wide effort hoping we encourage each other to have gospel conversations using a tool called the three circles.

  6. Grove Christmas 2017