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  1. JOY…In Prayer!

    If you described the emotional tone of most of your prayers, what would it be? See if any of these words fit – panicked, scared, frustrated, confused, angry, ambivalent, hurting, doubtful, guarded.” If you’re feeling guilty over this, don’t. Hebrews 5:7 says there were times Jesus prayed “with loud cries and tears.


    Joy is one of the more elusive emotions to consistently experience. This is true if you follow Jesus and if you don’t. Followers may be uncomfortable hearing this. But, ask yourself, “Do I always experience the emotional joy Jesus promised?” If honest, none of us do? As followers, we have the capacity to experience a joy unlike those who do not follow Jesus. Yet, that joy does not surface every moment of every day for days, weeks, or months at a time.


    It’s been 144 years since Babylon conquered Israel, burnt the walls of Jerusalem and deported the people to Babylon. Now God has resourced the rebuilding of the walls and the nation.

  4. AGAPE: A Grasp of the Love of God

    We try to understand the love of God using our understanding of love

  5. Enduring to the End

    Our focus should be the Gospel. Our confidence should be in God's sovereignty. Our goal should be the nations. Our plea should be with urgency.

  6. Share Life

    This question is for everybody, follower of Jesus… not a Christian, doesn’t matter. How many of you could think of and could list at least one person you had a personal relationship with… who has influenced the person you are today in a positive way?