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  1. Mission: Possible Trust

    Today in part 7 we need to make sure we Get in the Game. We need to be in the center of God’s activity. Make sure we don’t stall our spiritual walk, but keep for filling our mission, and that is to share the Gospel and proclaim Christ to a lost and dying world.

  2. Mission: Possible Trust

    Today in Part 6 of Trust we will look at Colossians Chapter 1, this is the time where we are just going to point people to Christ. The one underlining principle is that it’s all about Jesus, Christ is the one and Christ is the anchor.

  3. Mission: Possible Trust

    Today for part 5 we will reflect on the journey and make this simple statement, God will see you through this.

  4. Mission: Possible Trust

    Today for part 4 in the Trust series, we will focus on 2 anchors that God gives us to make it through this season. God’s trustworthy word and the faithful people that have contribute to our spiritual lives.

  5. Mission: Possible Trust

    As with anything in life we experience Physical, Mental and Spiritual challenges, but the victory is won in the hearts and minds. Join us for Part 3 in the Trust series, as we read in Psalm to see how victory is won in the hearts and mind.

  6. Mission: Possible Trust

    Join us for Part 2 of “Trust” as we study one of the Bible most beautiful Psalms.
    Psalm 134 describes God’s majesty, beauty, and trustworthiness, and we hope it will encourage to say, “I will trust God no matter What!”.