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  1. Mary – Mother of Jesus “What Do You Do When You Feel Overwhelmed?”

    The Victory HourMary in a word was: OVERWHELMED. Like the prophet Isaiah, who said, “Lord, I am overwhelmed. Please come to my help.”
    A lot of things can overwhelm us. Grief, guilt, grudges, worry can overwhelm us, responsibilities, circumstances…(2019-05-12)

  2. Jesus and Children

    Parents bringing children to Jesus. Probably brought by His followers. Desired the children to experience Jesus. Luke says they were infants – not old enough to come on own, needed to be brought. (2019-05-05)

  3. What Ever Happened To Heaven And Hell?

    Dr. Tony Crisp shared why we need to put more emphasis on Heaven and the results of living for Jesus. (2019-04-28)

  4. Did Jesus Really Rise From The Dead And Who Cares?

    Believe it or not, that the tomb was empty that morning when Peter got there is a fairly agreed upon fact. Obviously not everyone believes Jesus rose from the dead, but just about every scholar agrees that a man named Jesus really lived, that he was executed by the Romans, was buried, and that on the 3rd day, the tomb where he had been laid was found empty. On those points there is no substantial disagreement. The question for debate is, “How did the tomb get empty?” There are really only three options: (2019-04-21)

  5. I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

    In John 14:6 Jesus tells us that He is the Way to Heaven and that He is the Way to knowing God. Today, many people are just living in the moment. Now, we should take each day at a time, but we must also live with eternity in mind. (2019-04-14)

  6. Satisfaction for the Thirsty Soul

    Today I want to talk with you about the Living Water, how Jesus Christ makes the difference. SATISFACTION FOR THE THIRSTY SOUL. Jesus is the Savior who can give living water to all thirsty sinners.(2019-04-07)