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The Victory Hour ( is produced by Words of Victory Ministries ( a ministry of Grove Avenue Baptist Church (

  1. How to Get to Where You Need to Go

    I believe God tells us in Joshua that He wants us to be strong and courageous as we move forward in our walk with Him, as we live by faith in Him, as we embraces His promises, and experience His victories in life. (2019-01-13)

  2. “Secrets” for Success in the New Year

    Every January, millions of Americans, brimming with optimism and a little extra weight from the holidays, commemorate the New Year by making an unfamiliar trek. They go to the gym. Over the next few weeks, we are going to be exercising our faith in the Lord and building our spiritual muscle. (2019-01-06)

  3. The Christ Controlled Church

    If you could only deliver one last message what would it be? Dr. Vander Warner, Jr. shares what it means to be Christ Controlled. 12-30-2018

  4. What is So Special About Jesus Christ

    Soon we will be focused on the one event, Christmas. What is so special about Christmas, some people don't believe Chrismas has anything to do about Jesus Christ. Let's focus on what is so special about Jesus Christ 12-16-2018

  5. What If There Were No Christmas

    What if there were no Christmas, Christmas was such a pivotal point in the history of the world. Christmas was such an important part of God's plan. I think even believers sometimes cannot appreciate how important Christmas is to us, and how important and vital it is that we really celebrate what Christmas means. I want you to look at it, Luke 2:10, as the angel comes to announce the first Christmas. 12-09-2018

  6. The Victory Hour

    The Live Worship Service at Grove Avenue Baptist Church.