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Say Something Good

A daily word of encouragement from author, speaker, and pastor, Greg Fish.

  1. Changing History: Out of the Ruins

    Simply put, there is hope for us yet. Here's how I know.

  2. Changing History: Messed Up

    You are being changed into a classic. Here's how.

  3. Changing History: Faults

    Don't pick yourself apart over your flaws. Let God put you back together.

  4. Changing History: Made New

    Charlie Brown's Christmas tree was gloriously changed. That's actually not too far off from what happens to us as well.

  5. Changing History: Do-Overs

    I don't know about you, but I've done some pretty dumb stuff. Is there any chance for a redo?

  6. Bye Bye Blahs: Peace

    Peace doesn't have to be hard to acheive. Just create these everyday patterns, and you'll find it.



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