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Stop Fracking in the Karoo

Shell is currently running a mass‐media campaign to assure South Africans that fracking in the Karoo will be environmentally safe and socially beneficial. A broad spectrum of environmental NGO’s believes that Shell is misleading the public, and that fracking will be a disaster for the Karoo.
Green Renaissance - - developed this short series of films to help showcase the real opinions of South African's living in the Karoo for - Treasure the Karoo Action Group -

I will Die for Water

We need your help to save the Karoo from Fracking. Please SMS the word "Karoo" to 42030 and donate R30 to help stop fracking.

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Fracking is not an option. For more information go to - Treasure the Karoo Action Group

Oom Johannes and Antoinette Pienaar are the "Shamans" of the Karoo - they live in total isolation, hunting and gathering as their ancestors once did. They are respected traditional healers, using rare herbs they find in the mountains to treat people from far and wide. The believe that the healing spirit of the Karoo will be damaged by mining, and that South Africa will then loose a great natural healing power.

Canon 5D Mark 2

Antoinette Pienaar

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