80 Latitude. Whales, dolphins and butterflies (Teaser)

Client: Canal +
Lenght: 52'
Production year: 2014/2015

Two years ago, my friend, the skipper Albert Bargués, told me about a project he had in mind.
He told me he wanted to buy a boat to sail around the Arctic and Antartic oceans over the summer.
His idea was to be sailing under daylight all year long. Just as if he was a Sterna Paradisae, the bird that gave name to the boat, he was going to be sailing 24h and 365 days in day light.
I felt in love with the project from the start. But, really, the sentence that got me was: there are still places that one can only reach by sailing. Tintin, Stevenson, Melville, Conrad, O'brien... all of them, rocking it in my mind though that that trip!
So when the boat was ready I jumped in!
We were going to sail in the norwegian Arctic...

Bear Island, in the Barents Sea, a research station that has a population of 9 people. All of them living there over six months periods.
Pyramiden, a mining town from Soviet times, that is located in the Svalbard archipielago. It was abandoned in 1991 and now it has, only 13 inhabitants.
Ny-Alesund, the most septentrional human settlement in the planet. It is a reserach station packed with young people.... that, definitely, make the town glow a lot more than most of cities that I've been to.

We have reached these places on board of the Sterna. We have shared experiences and long talks with the people who live there. And none of themes are actually born there.

What are they doing there?
Why are they living in such remote places?
What is their idea of home?
And what about Albert, Sterna's captain who has spent a big chunk of his life in the sea, what's his notion of home?
And for you, for me, for the wales...

That is what Latitude 80. Whales,dolphins and butterflies is about…

The documentary is now on post production.

We hope you enjoy with this teaser!

Thank you

Guile Cascante Portabella