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Grounded and Non-Grounded Adapter Plugs | goinginstyle.com

goinginstyle.com - How to tell the difference between a grounded and a non-grounded plug.

Grounded plugs have three prongs and require a grounded adapter plug. Laptops often times will have a grounded plug. goinginstyle.com/Grounded-Adapters-Listed-by-Country-C160.aspx

Non-grounded plugs have two prongs and need a non-grounded adapter. Cell phones, tablets, hair dryers and curling irons usually have a non-grounded plug. goinginstyle.com/Non-Grounded-Adapters-Listed-by-Country-C157.aspx

When traveling overseas you will need an adapter to use your electric appliances. Make sure your appliance is dual voltage. youtube.com/watch?v=9aZz_R8Xg2M