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Goff's Maritime Alps

Mountains, glaciers, rivers, flora and micro-fauna

  1. Filming turbulent water

    River Gesso in the Maritime Alps.

  2. Volano alto - Flying high

    Filming butterflies at 1500 metres in the Maritime Alps Nature Park.
    A wild meadow by the River Gesso.

  3. Hummingbird hawkmoth

    Feeding on thistle at 1500m.
    Maritime Alps Nature Park

  4. Hawaiian grass skirt

    Rex Reynolds playing his Hawaiian guitar and singing.
    Polynesian beauty in her grass skirt.
    High in the mountains.

  5. Summer breeze

    Light gusts of wind on a summer day
    - create capillary waves on the river Gesso
    - cause flowers to sway back & forth
    - blow butterflies hither & thither
    - billow the naiad's dress and stream her hair