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We praise the Lord for calling and bringing our family to the beautiful, but very needy gospel city of Madrid. Spain is considered “post-Chrtistian,” feeling they have evolved beyond a need for the God of the Bible. Here in Spain less than 1% (0.5) consider themselves Evangelical Christians, and despite the secular mindset, there is a new openness and spiritual hunger. "Our vision is to plant a missional and multicultural led congregation among young professional families in Madrid."
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Church Planting - Madrid, Spain
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  1. English Camp: Madrid 2017

    Day 1
    A trip around the world
    First stop...Spain

  2. Bible Club Celebration 2017

    In June we had a Bible club celebration to finish off the school year. Click on the video to watch the celebration!….

  3. Missions Trip to Moldova

    Moldova is the poorest country in eastern Europe, a country with four million people. During my two previous short-term mission trips to this country, locals shared with me that the population of this country continues decreasing more and more every year. The most important factors for the migration of the Moldavian people is the lack of opportunities of work. Spain is one the countries that receives eastern European immigrants, people from Moldova, Romania, and Ukraine come to Spain in order to seek jobs and a different future for their families. When studying the membership of 90% of the Protestant Evangelical Churches here in Spain, these local Churches are composed of eastern Europeans (5%), Spaniards (25% ), Latin Americans (65%), and from other countries (5%).
    Being a native from Ecuador allows me to understand and connect with my own Latin American culture and people that currently live here in Spain. Living in a neighborhood where the majority of opportunities to build relationships are with Spaniards, allows me everyday to know more about the Spanish culture. By sharing Christ’s love in Moldova through short-term mission trips provides me the insight to connect with Eastern Europeans that live here in Spain. I saw the Lord’s blessing upon two mission trips to Moldova. During these two trips a total of 7 people professed Christ as their Lord and Savior, by visiting Church members they were encouraged to faithfully continue attending their Church, and the Moldavian local pastor that I worked with was encouraged and challenged to continue with his Church planting ministry through evangelism and missions.
    The Church of Moldova that I served had no Church building for the past 10 years and a group of 38 people were meeting and worshiping God in the pastor’s house. Through the International Church that we partner with and attend in Madrid, the Lord provided 5,000 euros that were needed to purchase a building, so our brothers and sisters of Moldova have a Church building of their own. Praise the Lord for His provision for Church planting and for His invitation to join Him in His mission. Psalm 67:1-4

  4. Easter 2017

    This week we had two special Easter activities. The first one was during our weekly Bible club, and the second one was with kids from our neighborhood. We praise the Lord for the attendance of 13 non-Christian neighbors at our second activity. We had an amazing opportunity to openly and clearly explain the true meaning of Easter.

    TESTIMONY - One Mom sent us the following message after our second Easter activity: “Many thanks, today my kids are telling me the story about Jesus and the eggs, what a beautiful story!!! I do not have words to say thank you. Thank you for helping my kids to understand the words of Jesus and thank you for sharing this story in a fun and attractive way."

  5. English Camp: Madrid 2016

    I am blessed to be able to learn from three different missionaries’ ministries in three different parts of Spain. I think it is easy to visit one place and assume that is how every missionary does things and that is how all people in Spain live. Through my time here though, I have learned so many different ways to present the Gospel and that each missionary does so in incredibly different ways. With this, I have been able to observe how the different regions have shaped the different ministries to shape the people, culture, and area of the city they live in. The missionaries had to adjust to the culture, the people, and the norms when they moved here to be able to eventually present the gospel. If they came here as Americans, and continued to live and do their day to day lives as Americans then they would never connect with the people in Spain. They would remain outsiders. I was so impressed with how well the Bonilla’s have adapted to Spanish culture not only with the great food, but through their ministry and how they present The Word to the friends they have made. I have learned a lot and the Bonilla’s have been very patient with my plethora of questions about their ministry, the international church we attended, and about Madrid itself. I was surprised to meet so many Asian friends of the Bonilla’s at the pool and at camp, you would have thought we were in China! With 1600 people in their apartment complex, and the kids always at the pool together, take a minute and imagine how God can work through each of those people and what a difference it would make if each of them came to know Christ. I have been fortunate enough to meet some of those kids as eleven of them participated in the English Club that Bonilla’s planned. We spent the week learning a few different typical holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Birthday, and Valentines. Each day, we made crafts according to the holiday and made snacks to go with each holiday. Games like Twister and relay races outside were also great exercises in learning English. I was so impressed with the amount of English the kids learned in just a week. English is such a great way to minister here in Spain since so many want to learn the language. It is amazing seeing their determination and will to learn our ever so difficult language (think about how many idioms you use each day). Please pray for the families of each of these kids and that they might come to know Christ as their relationships with the Bonilla’s grows.
    Catherine Ullman
    First Presbyterian Church - Lake Wales
    Lake Wales, FL
    World Witness Intern to Spain (Summer 2016)

  6. Madrid Ministry from 2014 to 2019

    Spain is considered “post-Chrtistian,” feeling they have evolved beyond a need for the God of the Bible. Spain is also considered “post-modern,” meaning that without absolutes everyone has the truth. Here in Spain less than 1% (0.5) consider themselves Evangelical Christians. Despite the secular minset is a new openness and spiritual hunger.