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Welcome to our Ministry Video Updates.
Bonilla Family, World Witness Missionaries.
Church Planting - Madrid, Spain.

  1. Day 3 Madrid English Camp

    Wednesday we traveled to The Netherlands, enjoyed chocolate waffles, dancing, Double Dutch jump rope, making beaded candy canes and playing Christmas Bingo! The children especially enjoyed hearing that "SinterKlaus" travels to The Netherlands by boat from Spain! For me, it was a day of really connecting with the children - we've learned their names and personalities, and are recognized by them as we walk around the community. What a blessing to be able to share with them the true meaning of Christmas as we explain the symbols and traditions in each country. - Connie Glidewell Kiser
    Christmas around the world - Netherlands.
    Sharing Christ's love while teaching English.

  2. Day 2 Madrid English Camp 2019

    Already Madrid's English Camp day 2 has come and gone. It's has been a delightful experience to play, work, and serve alongside and with the children and the staff of English Camp. Sharing Christ's love with these children is one of the most important things we can do as Christians; it is our duty and our joy. It is important to realize that though Jesus is celebrated very differently in many different cultures, the message that all of these celebrations give is the same: Jesus, the son of God, was born on Christmas. This is indeed worthy of celebration. Thank you to the Bonillas, the rest of the mission team, and of course, the children. More fun is yet to come! - Trip Donahue
    Christmas around the world - Mexico.
    Sharing Christ's love while teaching English.

  3. Day 1 Madrid English Camp 2019

    Day 1 of our Spain English Camp 2019 was a tremendous blessing! I welcomed with warm hugs and smiles campers that I met two years ago. New friends arrived with excitement as we began our Christmas Around the World lessons. This idea allows the birth of Christ to be discussed regardless of what country we explore. One young child was reluctant to join in my group, so I was ecstatic when she came and sat on my lap to help reset our Christmas Tree bowling "pins." Another child from my group who had limited English showed her excitement at the end when she encouraged her mother to join our ending music time. Her delight in demonstrating her hand movements to the song was infectious. Only one day has passed, but already the children are opening themselves to the team and what we have to share with them. Thank you, God, for your provision as we spread your love in Spain! - Kay Jarrell McKinney
    Christmas around the world - United States.
    Sharing Christ's love while teaching English

  4. TOMORROW we start our Madrid English Camp 2019.

    ...1 day until our English Camp in Madrid, Spain
    Our team is so excited about our Madrid English Camp as you will see in the video.

  5. ...2 days until our English Camp in Madrid, Spain.

    Welcome team from First ARP Church Rock Hill, SC to Spain. Gregory Harbin and Michele Rhodes Harbin share in this short video how thankful they are for God's protection upon their trip to Madrid and ask your prayers for our upcoming Madrid English Camp 2019.

  6. Counting down ...3 days until our English Camp in Madrid, Spain

    Praising God for the impact of the English Camps in our Spanish neighbors. After experiening love, trust, and hope through our English Camps in the past, our neighbors asked our family not to have only one week of English Camps but two or three weeks. Last year one of our Spanish neighbors shared a video invitation to our ARP Churches to come back and lead more English Camps. Here is the VIDEO with English subtitles. Please join us in thanking God for sending another team to partner with us in leading our English Camp. Thank you First ARP Rock Hill for coming back to Spain