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Welcome to our Ministry Video Updates.
Bonilla Family, World Witness Missionaries.
Church Planting - Madrid, Spain.

  1. Week 3...let's learn about Spain!

    Week # 3...let's learn about Spain! Watch today to see what our family does in Spain!

  2. Week 2...let's learn about Spain!

    Week 2...let's learn about Spain! Watch this video to see a Spanish flamenco dancer

  3. Welcome to week 1...Let's learn about Spain!

    Welcome to week #1...Let's learn about Spain!
    Each week we will share a short video for you and your children to watch and enjoy learning about Spain.

  4. Short-term missions and Church Planting

    The impact of a short-term missions team on the mission field is big. We usually plan the arrival of a short-term missions trip to Spain 8 to 10 months in advance.
    Please pray for next summer 2022, that God will open all the doors so we can host a team from our partnering Churches.
    In this video our great friend, Rev. Joshep Crump, shares the connection between short-term missions and Church Planting.

  5. Vacation Bible School 2021

    When you’re lonely…. Jesus Rescues!
    When you worry …. Jesus Rescues!
    When you struggle…Jesus Rescues!
    When you do wrong…. Jesus Rescues!
    When you are powerless…Jesus Rescues!

  6. Young Couples and Missions

    While on furlough we had the wonderful opportunity to talk with our partners in ministry and hear their stories of how being involved in missions is impacting their life and families.
    We thank Dr. Brian Wingate and his family for their partnership in our ministry in Spain. Young couples just like the Wingate family are a crucial part of our ministry. One statistic says that it will take three young couples to replace one older couple after they pass away in the area of giving to missions.
    Please pray that our Heavenly Father will call more young couples to be faithful in answering God's call in spreading the good news of Jesus Christ through missionaries.