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Welcome to our Ministry Video Updates.
Bonilla Family, World Witness Missionaries.
Church Planting - Madrid, Spain.

  1. Vacation Bible School 2021

    When you’re lonely…. Jesus Rescues!
    When you worry …. Jesus Rescues!
    When you struggle…Jesus Rescues!
    When you do wrong…. Jesus Rescues!
    When you are powerless…Jesus Rescues!

  2. Young Couples and Missions

    Today we share with you an encouraging message from one of our friends and donor, Andrew Savant.

  3. Hello 2021

    2020: Year in Review
    We made this short video to thank you for your partnership in ministry in Spain. We are thankful for all the Churches we were able to visit during our furlough. Every Church in this short video not only represents a building, but an incredible group of men and women that are part of our team in planting a missional and multicultural congregation in Madrid.

  4. Young Couples and Missions

    While on furlough we had the wonderful opportunity to talk with our partners in ministry and hear their stories of how being involved in missions is impacting their life and families.
    We thank Dr. Brian Wingate and his family for their partnership in our ministry in Spain. Young couples just like the Wingate family are a crucial part of our ministry. One statistic says that it will take three young couples to replace one older couple after they pass away in the area of giving to missions.
    Please pray that our Heavenly Father will call more young couples to be faithful in answering God's call in spreading the good news of Jesus Christ through missionaries.

  5. Hello from Spain

    On March the 4th our family arrived to Spain. We thank you for your prayers and good bye messages as we arrived safely back to Madrid. Our God protected us from danger and sickness during the flight, all our suitcases arrived, and we have already started to reconnnect with our friends and potencial core team members here in Spain.

  6. Thank you Clover ARP Church

    So thankful and amazed how God continues providing for our family and ministry through such a wonderful group of donors and congregations in our denomination, the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church (ARP Church).
    Here is our latest aerial video of our visit to Clover ARP Church in South Carolina. We thank this incredible Church for their partnership. A big thank you to their missions committee members that invited our family for a meal after our presentation in order to talk more about ways to continue supporting our Church Planting ministry in Madrid, Spain.