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Reality TV by Godfather Films Garage is a shop in the desert that does cars for stars,charities and husband and wife have real life issues.
Stars: Angela Babala, Mark Babala, Tommy Chong |
Yermo, California

Angel's Garage Reality TV Pilot
Angel’s Garage is a totally new unscripted reality show featuring classic car restoration experts who have celebrity clientele.

Filmed in the desert town of Yermo, California, laid back Mark and his fiery, red-headed wife Angela have constant entertaining encounters with celebrities, classic car owners, interesting local business owners and unbelievable neighbors.

Real people working real situations, purchases, car builds and financial deals that arise and are intense will be very entertaining to viewers. People cannot get enough of Angela and her no nonsense, in your face way of problem solving. She is a determined business woman who along with her husband and business partner work hard to build their unique car restoration business.

Tommy Chong and Jesse Wild are featured in the first episode.