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Birthday Celebrations

Go Chip - 40th Birthday Film - Video Messages
Go Chip – 40th Birthday Film
To celebrate my son’s 40th birthday, we reached out to some great friends around the world and produced this collection of video messages to make sure that Chip Goolsby is aware of the positive impact he has had his whole life and is truly loved! Feel free to add your message below. Thank you to the following for submitting these wonderful video messages. Brett Culp, Adam Forgione, Robert Mazza, Alan Berg, Randy Rozema, Barbara Rozema, John Zale, Chris Hyuett with sons Dutch and Blake, David Scroggins, De’Ann McWilliams, Jan Moorehouse, Fred and Corene Stennis, Janet Heald and Sophie, Niels Puttemans, Sylvia Broeckx, Jason Vaughn, Jim Granger, Lynne LaFond Daluca, Rommie Sebo, Tim Ryan, Jodi Harris, Pat Harris, Sandy Spin Slade, Ono Ikumi, Krissy Walden Payton, Nic Payton, Jasmine Paul, Mitchell Paul, Trisha and Mark Von Lanken, Jessica Goolsby with Katelyn, Abigail and Jaxson along with a few surprise messages. Happy Birthday Chip!