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Birthday Celebrations

  1. Nelson Franco 70th Birthday Photo Montage

  2. Lola Gallo Sweet Sixteen Photo Montage
    In Honor of Lola Gallo's Sixteenth Birthday

  3. Happy 80th Birthday Grandma Ronnie from your Grandchildren
    Happy 80th Birthday Grandma Ronnie from your grandchildren
    November 11, 2016 is her actual birthday 
    Ronnie Dann - Honor born November 16, 1936 as Rosetta Indurante in Chicago, Illinois.

  4. Smiles & Tears of Happiness ~ Helen's Quinceañera Highlight Film ~ Mission Inn Riverside
    Quinceañera, also called fiesta de quince años, fiesta de quinceañera, quince años, quinceañero or simply quince, is a celebration of a girl’s fifteenth birthday. This event is celebrated differently from any other as it marks the transition from childhood to young womanhood. This Quince Celebration had it all. Everybody gathered at the family’s home for a stretch Hummer limousine ride to Starbucks on the way to a great celebration at the historic Mission Inn in Riverside.

    An emotional celebration in the St. Francis Chapel was followed by a fabulous grand entrance, speeches from Mom and Dad and a fabulous special dance...and cupcakes.

    Mission Inn Resort and Spa

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  5. Aviva's 3rd Birthday Princess Party at The Enchanted Dollhouse

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    The Enchanted Dollhouse - Miami

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