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Birthday Celebrations

  1. Welcome Baby Hernandez ~ Baby Shower at Tennessee Gardens

    Godfather Films

    Above the Top | Party Rentals & Event Services

    Tennessee Gardens Event Center

  2. Happy 4th Birthday Aviva at Pink Lemonade Girl's Spa

    Event Planner
    Tropical Weddings

    Pink Lemonade Girl's Spa

    Godfather Films

  3. 90th Birthday Celebration for Harnethia Naomi Johnson-Mansell
    Enjoy this fabulous celebration for an amazing woman of faith as friends and family share stories and give birthday greetings.

  4. Movie Trailer - Bill Toler's Retirement Party by Pzazz Productions
    William D. Toler, president and chief executive officer of Hostess Brands, Inc., has informed the company of his intent to retire, effective March 1, 2018, or sooner if a replacement is named. He will remain on the company’s Board of Directors.

    Welcome everyone- we thank you for flying Twinkie Airlines. We are about to embark on the
    sweetest Legacy Flight ever and up at the helm is the man, the myth, the legend our Pilot Bill
    Toler. He averages over 225 flights a year so we are expecting a pretty smooth ride.

    I am your co-captain this evening - Captain Ted and we are joined by the “sweetest crew in the
    history of ever” headed up by lead Hostess- Debbie with her support team Kristin and Austin
    and in training, Riley.

    We have some amazing places to see today but before we take off there
    are some important safety instructions

    First and foremost buckle those seat-belts. Bill moves at rocket speeds so keep those belts
    buckled. We are flying over water but not to worry our fearless Pilot Bill Toler was the Captain
    of the Division 1 Swim Team at NC State so we are in good hands!

    Turn off those cell phones and put up your tray tables as we invite you to sit back and relax
    and enjoy The Sweetest Flight on Earth

    We are departing today from our city of origin- Proctor and Gamble which is really where
    Twinkie Airlines got it’s start.

    We do have some snacks Nabisco snacks available and the first class Reckitt and Colman
    personal hygiene kits available so if you need anything just press your call button and our
    cupcake of a crew will bring that to you.

    Our next destination is mmmm mmmm good.

    We are at our cruising altitude. If you look out of your left Window you can see we are flying
    over ICG Commerce, and it gives you the perfect Bird’s Eye view of our next stop. Here you
    will have a moment to stretch your legs and UNLEASH YOUR BRANDS POTENTIAL

    Well we are just cruising along here and we are already arriving at our next stop. I will let you
    know in ADVANCE this is a great place to find a BARBER.

    Well ladies and Gentlemen we have been given a bit of a ZINGER from the Control tower here we
    are going to have to circle a bit before we land at our next destination. But DONETTE worry
    we will get you on the ground soon. Welcome to one of our most exciting destinations IN THE

    Alright Ladies and Gentlemen. We are preparing for landing at our final destination. Twinkies Airline
    hub …Naples FL where our fleet is refueled and our crew is restored and recharged.

    We thank you for flying Twinkie Airlines. Please watch your step as you deplane. We invite you to
    keep up with us on social media as our Pilot continues to traverse the globe on The Sweetest Flight
    On Earth.

    Produced by Pzazz Productions and Godfather Films

  5. Lola’s Sweet Sixteenth Birthday Party
    Kudos to Lola’s parents, Amy Winters Events and Allen Dalton Productions for pulling off the most amazing party in honor of Lola celebrating her sixteenth birthday.

    When we say amazing we mean elements like time lapse video and spectacular drone video from Mom, incredible entertainment, a very chic tent with unique lighting and a white dance floor, magician, signature beverages, photo booth, a huge video wall, sparkler entrance, lounge furniture, delicious food and a flash mob. Sorry Dad, too bad about the cake hitting the floor ;)

    The dance floor and stage was packed all night and this was the party that they will be talking about forever.

    Godfather Films was honored to have been chosen to film this celebration for such a wonderful family.

    It was great to work with such talented professionals including:

    Amy Winters Events

    Allen Dalton Productions


  6. Nelson Franco 70th Birthday Photo Montage