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Graduation and Commencement Video
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  1. Westcliff University Commencement Ceremony 2020-2021 Graduation Video - Great Park Soccer Stadium Irvine California
    Westcliff University Commencement Ceremony 2020-2021 at Orange County Great Park Soccer Stadium in Irvine, California
    Live Stream via Vimeo and YouTube

  2. Westcliff University Commencement Ceremony 2020-2021 Promotional Video - Great Park Soccer Stadium
    Westcliff University Commencement Ceremony 2020-2021 at Orange County Great Park Soccer Stadium in Irvine, California
    Live Stream via Vimeo and YouTube

  3. La Sierra University Commencement Drive-Through Graduation 2021 Riverside California
    La Sierra University Commencement 2021 Drive-Thru Graduation 2021 Riverside California
    Sunday, June 13, 2021
    Drive-Through Ceremony
    One car per student's family

    8 a.m. - 9 a.m. – Divinity School, and School of Education
    9 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. – Zapara School of Business
    10:30 a.m. - Noon – College of Arts & Sciences

    Riverside’s La Sierra University celebrated its Class of 2021 on Sunday, June 13, by hosting a graduation event on campus.

    The Class of 2021 included 505 graduates, according to the university. Of those, 306 graduates were expected to participate in the drive-thru graduation ceremony, the university’s second since the coronavirus pandemic began.

    “That our students, in particular our seniors, have stayed the course and completed their classes, homework, major projects and exams under such conditions is nothing short of a miracle,” La Sierra University Provost April Summitt said in a news release. “We want to honor and celebrate our graduates and rejoice with them as they head off into a future with a bright horizon.”

    The event included the opportunity for students to cross a stage and receive their diplomas. Some members of the Class of 2020 were also expected to participate Sunday, as last year’s ceremony did not include the formal conferring of degrees ceremony. Family and friends remained in their vehicles to watch.

  4. 2021 Canyon Springs High School PM Graduation Commencement MVUSD Moreno Valley Riverside County
    CSHS Mission Statement
    The mission of Canyon Springs High School is to cultivate lifelong learners in supportive and challenging educational environments which promote the development of the skills necessary to empower students in post-secondary education and/or viable careers paths.

    CSHS Vision Statement
    The Canyon Springs High School Community is dedicated to ensuring that our students display integrity, act responsibly, collaborate effectively, think critically, and demonstrate strength of character. Our Cougar values will develop high school graduates who are thoroughly prepared to become civic-minded, responsible global citizens.

    MVUSD Mission Statement
    We will provide an equitable education for all students to be prepared for college and/or a viable career path for a successful life.

  5. 2021 Perris High School Commencement Graduation PUHSD
    We have decided on 5 core values that we believe are the basic elements of how we go about our work (as a student or staff members) at Perris High School. These core values are: Perseverance, Relationships, Integrity, Direction and Empathy because we have Panther P.R.I.D.E. Students and staff can vote for the winner of each core value three times this school year.

    Mental toughness and courage

    Works well with others in an effort to achieve something

    Honesty and being accountable for your actions

    Setting a goal and taking a step toward that goal each day with passion

    Understands and shares another person's experiences, thoughts and emotions without having the feelings, thoughts, and experience fully communicated

  6. NuView Bridge Early College High School Commencement 2021 Graduation Ramona Bowl
    NuView Bridge Early College High School
    Commencement 2021 Graduation Ramona Bowl - Live Stream YouTube

    Welcome to NBECHS!

    Imagine a high school where academics, accountability, attitude, and perseverance are rewarded. Respect, diversity, and sense of self are valued, and students are taught the benefits of hard work, family and community. Success at NBECHS is limited only by a student’s ability to dream, dare, accept responsibility, and become dedicated to a goal. Our students are empowered to design and seek a high school education that answers their needs and provides a means to reach the goals they have set for themselves. For NBECHS students college is not a far away possibility it is an immediate reality.

    NBECHS is a free public-charter high school serving students in grades 9-12. We are a school of choice and all students are encouraged to enroll. Our educational program combines an award-winning highly rigorous high school experience with college opportunities through our college partners Moreno Valley College and Mt. San Jacinto College. NBECHS is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. We have been recognized by Newsweek Magazine for the last 2 years as one of the Top 500 High Schools in America. In 2016 we are rated #284 up from #466 in 2015 and we were also recognized as one of the Top 20 High Schools in the US "Beating the Odds" in the lives of Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Families, up from #69 for 2015. Riverside County recognized NBECHS as a "Model School of Excellence and Innovation" as well.

    Academic excellence is only a part of the picture, parents and students recognize that NBECHS's real strength comes from the supportive family-like atmosphere felt throughout the school. NBECHS students work hard but they play hard as well. We take a school-wide field trip at the beginning of each year to cement our family. We offer a first-rate athletics program, dances, clubs, drama and band, and even academic competitions such as Mock Trial. An NBECHS students must exhibit exceptional drive. They must be prepared to work hard and sacrifice for their education and they must be prepared to become a part of "one of the most family-like and safe environments" in any high school anywhere. We are working to meet the needs of average first-in-family, and other underrepresented college bound students.

    If NBECHS sounds like a good fit for you please see our admissions and enrollment requirements for full details on how you can become a part of our school.

    School Motto: Small, Mighty, Proud!

    School Colors: Royal Blue & Silver

    School Mascot: Knight

    Mascot’s Name: Sir Academaeica

    Alma Mater:

    Oh we praise our alma mater,
    Oh we praise Nuview Bridge High.
    The knights are marching forward,
    And our hearts are filled with pride.
    We will all remember,
    Our days and friendships here,
    Our hopes, our dreams, and memories,
    Will sustain us through the years.