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Godfather Films produces graduation, training, public relations, advertising, fund raising, risk management and special event films for Kaiser Permanente, Hoag Memorial Hospital Foundation, Stater Bros Charities, City of Aliso Viejo, Wildomar, Jurupa Valley, Perris Unified High School District, Corona Norco Unified School District, California Baptist University, La Sierra University and the University of Redlands. 800.495.5530

  1. Supplement Facts With Dr. Julian Whitaker - Black Currant

    Black Currant and Your Vision |

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  2. Riverside County Third District Economic Forum Report

    Hi I’m Jeff Stone and I’m here in glorious wine country enjoying the spectacular views of the vineyards and the hills. It’s not every day that you get to enjoy the benefits of a robust economy and we figured that out the hard way. We have encountered some challenging times the last couple of years, but eventually we are going to lift out of this thing. It’s not going to be the easiest flight, but Riverside County will lift off. Perseverance is needed to confront obstacles and to see them through, to press on when times are tough, and to keep progress progressing. Over the past year, despite challenging times, the County pressed on to bring you completed projects…And we are still progressing with many more ongoing projects making Riverside County a great place to live work & play. Thanks for joining me on this tour of Riverside County’s Third District year in review. God Bless.

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  3. La Sierra University Mission Statement

    As members of the diverse La Sierra Community, we are committed to inquiry, learning, and service.

    Our community is rooted in the Christian gospel and Seventh-day Adventist values and ideals.

    Our Mission Is:

    TO SEEK truth, enlarging human understanding through scholarship;

    TO KNOW God, ourselves, and the world through reflection, instruction, and mentoring;

    TO SERVE others, contributing to the good of our local and global communities.

    We pursue this mission with excellence, integrity, compassion, and mutual respect.

    La Sierra University,
    Proudly Adventist, Passionately Excellent

    Where Academic Investigation, Christian Faith and Service to others Unite

  4. University of Redlands 2011

  5. University of Redlands - Education +

  6. 2011 Riverside County Year in Review First District with Supervisor Bob Buster

    Good afternoon.

    I am Supervisor Bob Buster.

    It is an honor to represent the 453,000 residents of Riverside County’s 1st Supervisorial District. The 1st District encompasses Lake Elsinore, Wildomar, portions of Riverside; the Mead and Temescal valleys, Woodcrest and Lakeland Village.

    I wish to extend a warm welcome to the residents of the City of Canyon Lake and communities of Good Hope and Meadowbrook, who will be joining the 1st District when the new boundaries go into effect.

    The theme for this year’s State of the County centers around the planned UC Riverside School of Medicine and the expectation this institution will dramatically improve our regional healthcare system and create a strong economic synergy.

    We must move away from a construction-dependent economy into a diversified job market. We are looking to build public-private partnerships to develop a steady funding stream for the UC Riverside School of Medicine.

    I remain committed to bringing this needed asset to Riverside County and the 1st District, where we are focused on creating and retaining jobs and improving the quality of life in all our communities.

    The $13 million Mead Valley Library is a 20,000-sq-ft. state of the art center which is the first gold LEED certified building in the county library system. We fully anticipate the Mead Valley Library to enjoy the same successes and community support as our Woodcrest Library and the Mission Trail Community Library in Wildomar, where we are planning an expansion of the library. Libraries are important civic and academic cornerstones and more important than ever in our economic downturn in the services they provide to our growing students, job seekers and researchers.

    In Mead Valley, we are expecting to break ground this year on a $21.6 million dollar community center. The contemporary center will replace the aging facility that that currently serves about 3,500 Mead Valley residents each month. The new center will offer free medical and dental services, along with child care, counseling, arts and crafts, youth sports, senior programs and food pantry services.

    We want to provide Mead Valley residents with better access to code enforcement services. Next year we plan to begin construction on new code offices, which will provide public access and enhanced services in this maturing community.

    Down the road in Lake Mathews, we celebrated the July opening of the Lake Mathews Fire Station on Cajalco Road. The fire station features a separate community building for public meetings and is better situated to respond more quickly to fire and medical aid calls in this growing rural area.

    In June, we were honored to break ground on the 25-acre Deleo Regional Sports Park in Temescal Valley. The $7 million community park, named in honor of the late Joyce Deleo, will offer recreational opportunities for all ages, including a dog park, walking trails, ball fields and basketball courts.

    In Canyon Lake, I am working with elected and civic officials to preserve crucial fire and medical aid services. In Good Hope, we have taken initial steps to bring safety improvements to young students whose school trek is 2.5 miles each way.

    Throughout the 1st District, easing traffic congestion remains a top quality of life issue that we are addressing head-on.

    Expansion of the Van Buren interchange off I-215 is expected to get under way in early 2012, to include widening of Van Buren westerly to the first intersection.

    Construction of the Indian Truck Trail/I-15 interchange is anticipated to begin before the end of this year.

    Work should begin in early 2012 on the Clinton Keith/I-15 interchange.

    We are taking public input on the 16-mile Cajalco widening and safety enhancement project that is expected to begin in 2014 on the west end of the road in Mead Valley.

    In the coming year I will be working for all the residents of the 1st District and for Riverside County, to maintain our public safety and core county services. Indeed, these are challenging times for Riverside County. But together we can rebuild our economy and our communities. Together we can make good things happen.

    Supervisor Bob Buster