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  2. City of Aliso Viejo Promotional Film - Economic Development Agency

    Located halfway between San Diego and Los Angeles - and just a few miles from Orange County's pristine coastline, Aliso Viejo is an affluent community comprising more than seven square miles of rolling hillside, valley terrain and picturesque views.

    Aliso Viejo has the allure and charm of a small Southern California community with a robust economic climate.

    The city is home to fast-growing entrepreneurs, businesses and modern industry including technology, medical devices, health care, pharmaceutical and biotechnology.

    World-renowned corporations are here and small start-ups continue to transition into global players. (show Tech Space as small start-up; then Qlogic, etc. Fluor)

    Aliso Viejo has more than 33 acres of developable land as well as state-of-the art retail and professional office space at competitive prices. An exciting Town Center Vision Plan will add more highly desirable shopping, dining establishments and amenities.

    This is a city with a highly skilled workforce and deep thinkers who possess a love of learning and a thirst for knowledge.

    Aliso Viejo is a magnet for a dynamic and educated workforce and the home to award-winning schools including the private liberal arts college, Soka University. Another twenty-five colleges and universities are within 30 miles. (Show UC Irvine, Chapman University, Cal State Fullerton)

    49,000 people live, work and play in Aliso Viejo and are connected to the region with multiple highways and rail; to the country with the only commercial service airport in Orange County just 15 miles away and to the world with an international airport less than 60 miles away.

    Major transportation corridors make it easy for people to commute to Aliso Viejo from throughout Southern California providing quick access to business and entertainment centers and world-class beaches.

    Along with being strategically located, Aliso Viejo enjoys a desirable climate where the average temperature is "sunny."

    This is a family friendly city that has mastered the art for enjoying life to the fullest. A true live-work community, Aliso Viejo boasts a diverse mix of housing styles; new streets and office buildings; great shopping, dining and entertainment and hotel amenities. It's what led Forbes to name Aliso Viejo as one of America's Top 25 Towns to Live Well.

    Aliso Viejo is a balanced community with virtually all residents living within two and a half miles of the City's downtown core.

    With 23 community parks, 2,600 acres of open space and 30 miles of hiking and biking trails, Aliso Viejo is a fit and connected community.

    Family and community are synonymous when you talk to people around town. Strong social, sports and recreational after-school and weekend programs permeate the city.

    Whether it's a round of golf at the Jack Nicklaus -designed golf course, a concert, movie in the park or a dip at the pool award-winning Aliso Viejo Aquatic Center, there’s something for everyone.

    Pristine conference space is available for business meetings and weddings alike.

    Discover why this city is unrivaled in its growth and vitality.

    Find out how Aliso Viejo gives businesses a competitive edge in the world marketplace.

    Whether you are building a business or raising a family, In Aliso Viejo, you can experience it all.

  3. Convoy of Hope & MSCA 2014 at SOS
    MSCA and Convoy of Hope partnered to help provide food and household supplies for Orange County families in need

  4. Kaiser Permanente Riverside Service Awards 2015 - Behind the Scenes
    Kaiser Permanente Riverside recognizes their employees with their 26th Annual Services Awards Dinner at the Riverside Convention Center.
    This film was a Same Day Edit that played at the beginning of the program and it captured behind the scenes actions and On The Red Carpet interviews with arriving celebrities.

  5. Great Day Of Service 2013 in Wildomar
    While more work remains to prepare Wildomar’s three parks for opening, an army of volunteers reduced the city’s burden greatly with a one-day effort to rejuvenate the sites.

    “Each park is about 90 percent done,” said City Councilwoman Bridgette Moore, a longtime parks advocate. “We weren’t able to accomplish everything, but we did a lot.”

    Moore said she worked with dozens of volunteers Saturday, Oct. 26, at the city’s largest park, Marna O’Brien, while other teams focused on Windsong and Regency Heritage.

    “The amount of work that we got done in one day was incredible,” said Mayor Tim Walker, who helped out at Windsong. “It would have taken weeks (for the city) to do what we did in one day.”

    The event was organized by the city in conjunction with United Methodist Church leaders, who mustered volunteers from various congregations to participate in the church’s annual “great day” of community service.

    Though the number of participants probably fell short of the goal of attracting 500 volunteers, the turnout was sufficient to keep the city on target for reopening Windsong and Regency Heritage by the end of the year, Moore said.

    Lead organizer Tom Pilkington said 421 liability waivers were signed and another couple dozen others did administrative chores.

    Walker said the front part of Marna -- where a shelter, basketball court and playground are located -- will be opened in the ensuing weeks. The area encompassing ball fields will be fenced in to allow grass to grow.

    The workers participated in such activities as cleaning, painting, planting shrubs and trees, and spreading bark and decomposed granite.

    Some of the tasks that could not be finished -- hydroseeding and planting of bigger trees -- will be done over the next couple of weeks.

    “Overall, it was an amazing day,” Walker said. “It was incredible. We had guys out there in their 80s digging holes for plants.”

    The city shut down the two small parks after state courts in 2010 ruled that its parks landscaping and maintenance tax was unconstitutional. O’Brien remained opened with minimal oversight.

    Voters last November resurrected the levy, with more than two-thirds favoring the special tax.

    With the city expecting about $350,000 per year to roll in from the tax, leaders began planning the overhaul of the parks, culminating in Saturday’s campaign.

    “That saved us a boat load of money,” Walker said. “It gives us a good kick-start to getting the parks back to where they were before.”

    Article by BY MICHAEL J. WILLIAMS - The Press Enterprise

  6. 2010 Riverside County Year in Review Second District with Supervisor John Tavaglione

    Supervisor John Tavaglione at the Fender Center located in the beautiful 2nd district. Here with me today are a few of the kids that have gone through the youth music program at the center. The County has been building partnerships with the private sector and special districts to help impact our children, the next generation of leaders. Over 12,000 kids have been educated in music through this program and have also been given extraordinary opportunities. One of these youth, Dillon Brown, has had the opportunity to tour with the Steve Miller Band in 19 cities. Over the past year, despite challenging times, the County rocked on to bring you completed projects…And we are still rocking on by strategically investing funds into our local communities to continually make Riverside County a great place to live, work & play. Dillion, I believe that calls for a victory jam!
    Thanks for joining me on this year in review of the 2nd district. Take Care.