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  1. La Sierra University Graduates Largest Class in School’s History 2016

    428 students graduated from La Sierra University, the largest graduating class in the history of the 94-year-old institution. All together, 447 degrees were awarded during the Conferring of Degrees ceremony, capping a weekend of activities that began with a Friday night consecration service.

    In opening the degree ceremony, university President Randal Wisbey commended faculty members for bringing their best teaching to the classroom and for “devoting countless hours to serving the good of this community and the larger community that surrounds us.”

    He recognized the university’s national championship-winning Enactus team and the Class of 2016 “for giving your best as musicians, as athletes, as artists, as tutors, as the face of La Sierra in our community. You have served with great care, with great compassion.”

    “Step into your future with hope,” he told the graduates. “Be agents of justice, leaders of integrity and honesty, men and women who truly make a difference as you embody the values and mission of your alma mater.”

    Living with honesty, integrity and compassion for others, so-called ‘eulogy values,’ was among the charges commencement speaker Edwin Hernandez gave to the new alumni in an address titled “Pursuing a Flourishing Life.”

    Hernandez is provost of the Adventist University of Health Sciences in Orlando, Fla. His background includes serving as senior program officer for the De Vos Family Foundations in Michigan, and co-founding and directing the Center for the Study of Latino Religions at the University of Notre Dame’s Institute of Latino Studies. He also served as a program officer for the Pew Charitable Trusts in Pennsylvania and has written five books and numerous papers.

    Citing the book “The Road to Character” by author David Brooks, Hernandez challenged graduates to live with eulogy values rather than resume values consisting of skills and strategies important to the marketplace.

    “Our culture talks a lot about success,” said Hernandez, “but sometimes it fails to distinguish and clarify what are the enduring values that lead to a vibrant and flourishing life. The question of success is more than just following your passion or your dream, it is fundamentally about who you are as a person.”

    “But that is the purpose of La Sierra University, to build inner characters, to create in you and me this idea that through academic investigation, Christian faith and service come together and unite. This mission of this institution is all about eulogy values.”

    “This institution transformed me because it gave me reason to believe in God and to be faithful to the church that I love,” he continued. “It gave me a reason and a passion to stay connected to the church. This learning community helped me grow to understand the gospel of grace and its call to service, to act justly, to love mercy and to love humbly.”

    “You’re being called to be leaders at a particular moment when our churches, our society our businesses, our government institutions need leaders who have a conscience for the common good,” Hernandez said to the graduates. “We live at a particular moment in American history where people of color and the stranger and the immigrant amongst us are being demonized and labeled as criminals, and it is not just happening here, it is happening across the world.”

  2. Cardiac Rehab - Kaiser Permanente Riverside
    Cardiac rehabilitation (rehab) may start while you are in the hospital. The hospital program is one part, or phase, of your cardiac rehab. This phase emphasizes exercise and education.
    The parts of a hospital program include:
    A customized exercise program, based on your medical history, clinical condition, and symptoms.
    Discharge instructions about recovery activities.
    Education on lifestyle changes and how to lower your risk of future heart problems.
    Ways to help your body recover and:
    Increase appetite and strength.
    Increase aerobic capacity.
    Increase lung capacity.
    If you had a heart transplant, avoid rejection of your new heart.
    Your rate of recovery depends on age, gender, and other health conditions. Depending upon your condition and how you respond to rehab, you may stay in a particular phase or move back and forth among the various phases. There is no set length of time that you must stay in a specific phase.
    Your hospital rehab staff should be able to provide you with information and resources for making the transition from hospital to home. This includes how to find a cardiac rehab program in your community.

  3. 2017 California Mock Trial Championship Carmel High School vs Shasta High School ~ Constitutional Rights Foundation
    Constitutional Rights Foundation hosted its 36th Annual California Mock Trial Finals on March 24-26, in Riverside. At the California Mock Trial Finals, the winning teams from 34 counties presented People v. Awbrey, a criminal case involving a charge of human trafficking and a pre-trial argument on the Fourth and Fifth Amendments. The state champions will represent California at the National High School Mock Trial Championship.

    Congratulations to Carmel High School from Monterey County, the 2017 California Mock Trial Champions! Carmel High School will be representing California at the National High School Mock Trial Competition in Hartford, Connecticut in May.

    Many of the students participating in mock trial plan some sort of career in law, said Constitutional Rights Foundation program director Lourdes Morales.

    “I think they all did a fabulous job today,” said bystander Marc Schiff, who is a retired lawyer from Los Angeles County, adding: “This event is a magic wand for these kids future that gets them thinking and analyzing what’s in front of them.”

  4. Gudly, Convoy of Hope, Addis Ababa and Gavi Feldman ~ Making the World a Better Place
    On December 5, 2014, Güdly people embarked on a wonderfully fulfilling trip to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. A few months prior, in partnership with Convoy of Hope, Gudly sponsored a group of 75 impoverished women as they sought to improve their lives and the lives of their families.

    Each woman selected for the program was taught basic business and financial skills, and provided with training and start-up funds to launch their new lives.

  5. State of the County 2013 District One with Kevin Jeffries
    As the new guy, I’ve been trying to ask a lot of questions and bring some new ideas on to the Board. There’s just not enough time in the day to do all that I would like to accomplish, but the rest of my team and I really appreciate all the help we’ve received from the other Supervisors and Department heads in answering all our questions. Some of these Department heads have really gone above and beyond the call of duty to help me out with some of my projects here in the First District.

    Let’s take a visit to some of the projects I’ve been involved with since taking office in January.”
    Riverside County and the city of Lake Elsinore are proud to partner up and bring back to life the once stalled Rosetta Canyon Fire Station. It’s a beautiful fire station that is fully staffed and open for business to serve both the city of Lake Elsinore and the nearby unincorporated areas off of Hwy-74. The agreement shares the costs at station #97 for operating, staffing and equipment. The 1st district was also able to assist this project with $400,000 from CID funds to help offset the cost of a new fire truck and furniture for the station.

    Here we are at the $52 Million I-215 / Van Buren Interchange that is undergoing a major facelift to improve traffic flow and accommodate future growth. This project is shared between my District and Supervisor Ashley’s - with lots of other agencies helping pay for it! We’ve got new signals, new ramps, new landscaping…..

    On August 24, the community of Mead Valley celebrated the opening of this brand new community center. This new 40,000 sq-ft facility features childcare classrooms, community room, teen center, medical and dental clinics, recreational field, basketball courts, community garden, tot-lot, parking, a food pantry and landscaping. This is a GREAT place!!
    Heck – even county transportation is planning a new future transportation yard in Mead Valley!

    In July, the County transferred 27 acres of unused land to the city of Wildomar. The County originally acquired the land in order to build a park prior to the city incorporating. Included in the transfer we passed along $300,000 that the county collected from developers for to create parks in Wildomar.

    “So it seems a lot of the stuff going on in the district today was started way before I got here. I know county bureaucracy can move slowly, and construction projects take a long time, but there are a few things we’ve managed to do since I got here.”


    Food truck festival: “Thousands attended the county food truck festival in downtown Riverside, featuring some of the most popular trucks in Southern California”
    Mead Valley Operating Costs Savings: “A new management plan will save hundreds of thousands of general fund dollars on the new Mead Valley Community Center” video or still pictures of center opening ceremony and YAC trail Clean-up in front identifying Kayla by name.
    Government Transparency Reforms: “Reforms I have proposed will improve access by the public to Board decisions and increase the information available to community members”
    New District Office: “Our new district office in Lake Elsinore will be staffed to better serve the communities in the southern end of the district.”
    Repeal the sun tax: “I pushed to end the sun tax, freeing solar companies to hire thousands of new workers and produce clean energy for our region.”
    Park consolidation: “In the future, all county owned parks will be under management of the Riverside County Parks and Open Space District, improving efficiencies and accountability.”
    America's Tires: “America’s Tires company center was approved under a fast track process, and is already under construction, providing 200 jobs when they open next Spring.”
    Foreign Trade Summit: “The First District hosted a Foreign Trade Summit in Lake Elsinore that attracted foreign dignitaries and local businesses looking to learn how to sell their products overseas.”
    Fire Camps: “Working with Sheriff Sniff, we were able to make Riverside County the first in California to contract with the state to place Riverside inmates in state fire camps, keeping prisoners off the streets and providing fire protection for our communities.”
    Shorten Board Meetings: “In an effort to make Board Meetings shorter, I have led by example, making fewer opening or adjourn-in-memory comments than any other supervisor!”

    By next year’s State of the County, I might still be the new guy - but I won’t be a rookie.
    I hope to have many more reforms and projects to tell you about, including freeing the food trucks,
    developing new rural road paving standards for all whether emergency access improvements in some under-served portions of our district, progress on a new trail through the Temescal Valley,
    And perhaps a hang gliding park

  6. Believe Walk Presented By Stater Bros. Charities