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  1. 2022 Canyon Springs High School Graduation Commencement MVUSD Moreno Valley Riverside County
    2022 Canyon Springs High School Graduation Commencement MVUSD Moreno Valley Riverside County

  2. Riverside University Health System - Coming to the Aid of Those in Need for 125 Years - Because You Matter
    For 125 years, we have come to the aid of those in need …daughters, sons, mothers and fathers, family, friends and neighbors. We have innovated better ways to care for you today …and we educate those who will one day take our place to ensure your care tomorrow. We stand ready to respond and ready to serve in crisis and in celebration …to partner with you to find health and hope.
    Why? Because you matter. You are our neighbor. Your life is precious and filled with potential. You inspire us to dig deeper, climb higher and go further in our effort to help you back to health …and teach you how to stay there. We are Riverside University Health System …and we serve because you matter.
    The County of Riverside established the hospital that would become the heart of the County’s healthcare safety net in 1893 …just two months after the County was founded. Originally housed in a downtown Riverside hotel, the hospital quickly outgrew the hotel property and, in 1895, moved to a larger hotel in City of San Jacinto. One fire, one earthquake and five years later, the hospital was moved back to the city of Riverside where it would remain for the next ninety-eight years.
    Wars, depressions, epidemics including the Spanish flu and Tuberculosis combined with dramatic population growth tested the County hospital’s ability to fulfill its mission. Through it all, it grew to become what residents needed it to be. The hospital became known as an innovator in medical care becoming the first in the County to achieve Joint Commission accreditation and is the County’s first teaching hospital.
    In the mid-1980’s, it was clear the hospital had outgrown the Riverside campus. Plans were developed to relocate the hospital to 105-acres of land in Moreno Valley. The new 520,000-square foot structure would offer more than double the space of the old Riverside hospital allowing for twice the patient volume …and it was built to withstand earthquakes that threatened to level the old hospital buildings.
    In 1998, the army of physicians, nurses, staff and patients took up occupancy in the new facility whose design and technical features had earned it the California Association of Public Hospital’s “County Hospital Innovation Award”.
    In the years that followed, the County’s population more than doubled and the wisdom of investment proved itself. In 2015, the hospital, the County’s network of community health centers as well as its departments of Behavioral and Public Health merged into the single entity we now know as Riverside University Health System.
    Adaptation and innovation are central to the fulfillment of Riverside University Health System’s mission to provide for the health and healthcare of the communities we serve. Today, Riverside University Health System is taking the necessary next steps to ensure its ability to provide the region convenient access to the quality care for which it has become known.
    The new Medical Office Building on the Moreno Valley campus will provide advanced outpatient care tailored to our community’s unique needs. More room to provide care will reduce the time patients wait to receive care and will enable R-U-H-S to more efficiently satisfy the healthcare needs of a growing region.
    To bring care closer to home, R-U-H-S is improving and expanding its emergency services and network of community health centers. New clinics in Corona, Jurupa Valley and Moreno Valley have been designed as convenient one-stop-shops that offer both medical and mental health as well as pharmacy services. Combined with its existing clinics located in the County’s population centers, residents and visitors are never far from the convenient and compassionate care R-U-H-S provides.
    RUHS Medical Center. From our humble beginnings in 1893 as Riverside County’s first general hospital, Riverside University Health System – Medical Center stands today as a pillar of excellence in health care and medical education in the region.
    We provide exceptional care in specialties such as pediatrics, obstetrics and psychiatry, and in the treatment of diabetes and hepatitis C. The Medical Center is a designated Stroke Center, Level II Trauma Center, and the only Pediatric ICU in the region.
    The Future of Care. Riverside University Health System's vision is to expand the current campus to increase services available to our patients and our community, giving them ready access to outpatient care and other services near the hospital. This expansion will improve patient health care by making services more convenient, available, and cost-effective.
    Because You Matter® concept conceived and developed by Brad King at A Market Human, LLC, (A Marketing Consultancy). Contact:

  3. Kaiser Permanente Pain Management
    Take action against pain.

    Pain can be scary, frustrating, and overwhelming.

    We all have aches and pains from time to time. But if you have chronic pain, you probably experience pain that changes how you live every day. You – and your doctor – might not even know what's causing your pain. 

    Whatever the cause, your pain is real. Chronic pain is not in your head, and it is not a sign of weakness.
    If you've tried pain management before with poor results, you might feel hopeless. But there are some things you can do today to start feeling better and take control of pain.

    We'll show you how to safely use alternative pain treatments, medications, pain management classes and counseling, and at-home options to begin feeling like yourself again.

    Begin by learning more about some of the causes of chronic pain, and how to talk to your doctor about what you're feeling.

    Non-drug therapy and alternative treatments can help you manage pain through movement, body work, supplements, and surgery. These work best when you care for yourself properly at home, and add medication as needed. You may find an increase in your pain when you start therapy but this usually gets better.

  4. Riverside University Health System Lean Kaizen Program Implementation at Emergency Treatment Services
    Riverside University Health System Lean Kaizen Program Implementation at Emergency Treatment Services

  5. Kaiser Permanente’s Advanced Medical Care at Home Program - Riverside, California
    Kaiser Permanente’s Advanced Medical Care at Home Program offers acute care services to eligible members in the comfort and convenience of their own home as an alternative to hospital admission.
    You can be surrounded at home by familiar faces, family, and friends while you are treated for your illness and your condition improves. As a candidate for the AMCAH program all this and more is available to you. 

    Hello my name is Dr. Frank Flowers. I am the Area Medical Director for Riverside Kaiser Permanente. You are watching this video because we believe that you will benefit from this program and receive personalized components of hospital services in your home setting.
    So this is how this program works. Within 24 hours of being enrolled in this program, you will receive regular home visits by a physician and nurse who will monitor your progress, and evaluate your recovery in line with your plan developed by physicians here at the hospital.

    While you are at home, we are with you every step of the way and your progress will be monitored closely day-to-day.

    So these are the essential elements of our program:
    Regular home visits by a Physician and/or Registered Nurse
    Medication management (Both intravenous and oral)
    Laboratory support
    Member education: disease self-management, and nutrition education
    Home safety assessment
    Caregiver education

    The average duration of care on the AMCAH program is 3-4 days. During this time you will have phone access to clinical support.

    So why should you choose AMCAH? Research shows that for some conditions treatment at home works just as well as being in the hospital while also reducing stress on the patient and their family. Additionally, many people can avoid complications that can occur in the hospital setting. Same good results, fewer complications. We think this a formula for great care and success

    Is there a cost to be in this program? No, your in-home visits and treatments are covered under your Kaiser Permanente plan just as though you were visiting your physician or medical facility and there are no co-pays for visits associated with being a part of this program. There will be the usual co-pays for medication.

    Do you have to participate in our AMCAH program? No, participation in this program is voluntarily. If you do not wish to participate, please talk more with your treating physician to review alternatives to home care.

    Why is Kaiser Permanente offering this to you? Our experience combined with studies and research shows that patients actually prefer treatment in home compared to care in the hospital whenever possible. It’s less disruptive to your life and due to the nature of your condition, treatment at home does not mean any additional risk or less successful outcome of your care. This is just one more way of providing patient-centered care for our members

    Our AMCAH Team consisting of physicians, nurses, case managers, and pharmacists may be able to answer any additional questions that you may have. We look forward to working together throughout your recovery.

    Our Riverside AMCAH Physician Team look forward to working together throughout your recovery and caring for you at home.

  6. Corona Norco Unified School District - LCFF
    Local Control Funding Formula

    On June 27, 2013, Governor Jerry Brown approved the biggest reform to school funding in the last 40 years. The Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) gives school districts freedom on how they spend educational dollars. The LCFF doesn’t mean that there are more dollars. However, school districts will have more authority to decide how to distribute the funds they are given. We want to involve you in the decisions we make regarding the educational services we provide. Please help us to accomplish this goal by watching the informational video below and taking the attached survey.